The reality of corruption cannot be undermined in today's society . When the influence of money predominates modern life, the lust to acquire more money take us to immoral activities and stealing public money. Political corruption is found to be an easy way to get control of public money by misusing power for ourselves or for those associated with us. So corruption of all sorts is an act by individuals motivated by a sense of greed and lust .

The invention of money was a revolutionary episode in the growth of trading and economic transactions. The fact that money can be exchanged for everything that we wish for has encouraged us to accrue surplus amount of unwanted money in the form of assets or liquidity . We don't even think why this much wealth is required for a decent living but has fallen into an illusion that acquiring money is the prime objective of a successful life. Luxury has become a priory for social status and prestige . Bunglows with golden appearance , cars with luxury facilities and houses with unwanted facilities have become common among even middle class Indians. More than that , a pleasurable lifestyle intended to bring momentary happiness is catching the attention of the youth and old alike . These sorts of mistaken schemes of happiness has created a pool of sick men ignorant of the causes of his own malady . Wealth is of course unlikely ever to make anyone miserable . But if we have money without friends , freedom and an unanalyzed life , we will never be happy. Fame and power is neither natural nor necessary . We are happy when we are not in pain . What is the point in acquiring unwanted money when it can only bring pain in the long run? It may be tempting to attribute this disparagement of luxury to the range of products available to the rich .There is a correlation between levels of happiness and the amount of money spent .

To a certain extent , money can bring happiness ,but after that it can only add to our anxiety and insecurity. Why then , if expensive things cannot bring us remarkable joy , are we so powerfully drawn to them ? Mainly because expensive objects can feel like plausible solutions to needs we don't understand. Objects mimic in a material dimension what we require in a psychological one. For example, may be it is a luxury car we want, but in reality, it is freedom and comfort we aspire . We are not solely to blame for our confusions. Our week understanding of our own needs is aggravated by idle opinions of those around us, which do not reflect the natural hierarchy of our real needs. So it is very important to not get swayed away by explicit needs at the cost of implicit ones .

No doubt , introduction of an independent body like Lokpal can function as an effective reactionary mechanism but building awareness among people about the illusory face of money and inculcating moral values required for a life of principles and simplicity can make a lot of difference in the long run . And it will definitely work as a preventive approach in tackling issues of corruption.

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