Since we all know that Facebook is like a food that we chew everyday. When we wake up early in the morning many of us quickly open our Facebook account than taking breakfast first. Even if we are not in our home we have a mobile phone or i phones which we use to log on to our facebook account. Why people can get enough of Facebook? being addicted to facebook is good or bad?

It's early in the morning it's time to update or post a status in your wall. That is commonly happening in the world right now. Facebook is like a medicine you need to remember and if not. Your day will be incomplete. Many people of all ages particularly teens enjoyed the services and fun that the Facebook has given. Even me is really amazed how Facebook works. Facebook can communicate you with your old time friends and even your childhood crush. While you are doing nothing you can play hundreds of games that will surely make your time fast. But have people realize the bad effects of Facebook? For me I'm once a victim of being addicted to Facebook in the sense staying up late chatting with friends or reading my friends status. there was a time that i was really addicted to Farmville that i forgot its already morning.

Last week due to my keen observation each time i pass by a internet cafe all of the people old or young open there Facebook and really spend a lot of time. Even kids can't do their homework because of this certain application. i ask myself what if one day facebook will be totally gone. Will this affect our lives? Can human kind go on. i think life without facebook is just not as important as eating a food. Base in my experience the world used to be simple. There are no computers even television is a luxury in the past. but why people did survive? For me facebook is just an entertainment. Sooner or later people will realize having to waste so much time in facebook can lead to many misfortunes. Like if you are always in your computer you are prone to much disease like being obese, eye problem, posture problem and many more to elaborate. And for parents that have a child. the bad effects is you make your children lazy and addicted to games and chatting. And for all the people the bad effect is you are letting people invade your privacy and exposing your entire profile to a certain stranger. In the end. It depends to the people how they use the features of Facebook.

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