'Jaanedo' and 'Chalta Hai' are social weakness that plague India. They can be placed higher than the 'Its not my problem' of the west.

The rapid rise of the middle class has been a boon in more ways than one. Significantly, the increased buying power has forced our manufacturers to churn out better quality merchandise. The choices are plenty and the effect is showing. Roads have improved so have the cars. Years of minor cosmetic changes gave way to real choices.

We certainly tolerate mediocrity and absolutely lack civic sense. We blame poverty for everything and we are wrong. Town planning has failed across the country and we need to accept that. Acceptance is the first step to correction and we have to spread that message.

Signs telling you to keep our city clean just above uncleaned rubbish heaps are indications that neither do our utility services nor the common man really care. We had problems when we were under a billion and those problems have manifested with the population soaring well above that.

Healthcare has become a priority and unfortunately a disguised reimbursement scheme for the capitation fee victims. Educational institutes have become financial power houses and children the unwitting tools for extortion. We are a democracy and isolated voices are not heard much..unless you immolate yourself. Our stage happy and crowd collecting elected Netas need to take the onus of propagating the correct messages. It will be a success.. like our software companies.. only if they have a job description and a regular appraisal .. with bonuses like foreign trips for good rating and jail terms for bad rating.

Overall, we certainly tolerate mediocrity and absolutely lack civic sense.

About Author / Additional Info:
Father of two, ex-banker and a concerned Indian