Honor killing is one of the worst kinds of murders that occurs in many places all over the world. This is predominant in various religious groups where the people are conservative. The honor killing is not only because of the religious considerations, but also because of family considerations. Honor killing occurs when the person who is living in a very conservative family commits a 'mistake' that the family considers to be unpardonable.

Asia and Africa are notorious for these honor killings, but as the people of the world start meeting each other and immigrating to other parts of the world, the tradition of this honor killing has spread to all these places too. These days, one is able to hear of the honor killings from countries such as England too. This is mainly because of the immigrants from other countries, who bring their traditional values to the country they go to and maintain their conservative close knit society in the new place too.

Families where it can occur:

Families that are conservative in places that have various traditional values have the habit of killing the people in their family who has gone against the norms. There are certain religions where they are more common and these religions include Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. In fact the honor killing is not actually connected to the religion usually, though it is related in certain countries. The relation is more between the conservativeness of the family and the honor killing.

Reason for the honor killings:

There are a few common reasons for the honor killings. The main reason for the killing is the marriage of a person from one family into another which is not of the same religion or other nationality. This has been found to be one of the major reasons for the killings.

How are the people killed:

There is no specific method that is used by the people who murder. It is similar to any other murder and can be as per the convenience. Some people may be shot and killed, while others may be stabbed. There are many other methods that are used to kill those who do not toe the line of the family or the community.

Uniqueness of the murders:

There is something unique about the murders and that is that the people who are involved in the murder do not actually get caught very easily. The reason is that the whole community or the families really do not point out to the killers, though they all know about the murder. There are many times when the families do not even report the murder because they are the ones who have arranged for the killing. This uniqueness of the murders make it more difficult for the authorities to trace the missing person's body and even find the murderers.

What has been done:

The governments are trying to make sure that all these honor killings stop by various means including educating the people. In spite of these, there are several close knit communities in various parts of the world, where these honor killings are very rampant.

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