India is a country with 28 states 7 union territories 247 islands and 18 languages. It depends upon agriculture. Agriculture occupies a dominant role in the economy. 75 per cent of population is based on agriculture. India is estimated to produce a little over 5 dollars per person as compared to Thailand 11 dollars, 20 dollars in Mexico. India per capita income is 460 dollars, 833 dollars Sri Lanka, united states of America 30,000 dollars. The financial information explores many things about Indian poverty. Poverty is the basic hurdle for cultivation. Water is a scared commodity in India. Agriculture in India is an adventure activity. The millions of cultivators are disposed at the mercy of monsoons. Monsoons occupy a dominant role in the Indian economy.

The farmers are attempting suicides all over the country especially in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. There has been a disturbing phenomenon of high rate of suicides among the farmers since the mid 1990s of the last century, particularly in southern India. Economic distress among the farmers appears to be the main cause for such suicides. Macroeconomic policies of the country are the main cause for the continuing human tragedy in farming sector. Water kingdoms are created in big cities and they waste billion litres of water for the entertainment of the rich community. Mumbai alone boasts of as many as 24 water parks consuming 50 billion litres of water every day. A single golf course requires 1.8 to 2.3 million litres daily. All these facilities are provided to rich community, which accounted 6.7 per cent of total population. Dr. Jayanthi Alma explored many things about wastage of water in consumption in his article entitled as "water, not for private ownership" in economic and political weekly in July 2004. The article 21 of fundamental right provides water for everyone in India. The millions of litres of water are wasted in bottles of artificial drinks against those who die thirsty, commit suicide or homicide. Kolkata is no exception for wastage of water. It contains a number of golf courses. A single golf course consumes more water for daily requirement which could provide thirst of one lakh villages for the entire summer season. The requirement of water by global basis for human consumption is on an average of 90,000 billion cubic metres.

The main sources of water are based on fresh water lakes and rivers. It is about 0.26 per cent of total global fresh water reserves. India is a better-endowed country while comparing with global basis. India has a total annual precipitation of about 4,000 billion cubic metre. This is about 4 per cent of the total average annual runoff in the global rivers. India has annual available water resources of 1953 cu km.

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