The protest was against the school management. The public broke down the school gate and set the school building on fire. A car there was also burnt. School property including furniture was burnt. On the other hand, this protest of the people turned into a spectacle that was not able to show the point in their protest as they resorted to further unlawful behavior like stealing the school belongings particularly the generator and computers, as protest to blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W); who has forbidden stealing. Nonetheless this clearly shows that the protests were of a more heinous intent against the school management.

Another startling fact is that almost all of the Ravi Road residents have stated that they were not part of the lot who damaged the school. They have stated that it was a big group of people comprising smaller groups from distant areas and who are not related to the school at all. There are also many students and parents who claim that the school management, Principal Asim Farooqi, is not a person to take part in the blasphemous essay. According to them the school has had an excellent reputation for years and the Principal is a man of religious morals who has the utmost love and respect for the Prophet (S.A.W.W), and that "He can never do something like this", as said by the local population. Students have also conducted a press conference on Shimla Pahari for the release of the Principal.

What can be said about this information is that this is clearly a conspiracy against Asim Farooqi. Having checked his background, he is attested to have been a well reputed, well educated, intelligent, God fearing and religious person. He has written many poems (naat) devoted to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) and he is also responsible for holding religious events (milaad) at school. It has also been found out that the school comprises a Masjid for students with proper matting and area devoted to wuzu. The school has won many awards and has had an excellent academic result holding top positions numerous times in Matriculation Examination.

The question now is how can a well educated and intelligent person have a hand in sending blasphemous essays to his students at home? Parents and students claim that this is a conspiracy against the school. This has all been planned and it was the teacher's fault for writing the essay, claimed by the students. This leads to the conclusion that Asim Farooqi according to claims of local students and parents is innocent.

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