I try to stay positive but sometimes I doubt myself and I wonder if all what I dream about is just a dream and there is no chance of actually doing it. This time in my life I find myself the only one who believes in me in fact people started to laugh when I talk about my abilities and dreams the most shocking thing is that these people suppose to be the closest people in my life and they instead of supporting and encouraging they joke and mock me.

This type of situations makes me doubt myself, what if they are right what if the feeling inside of me is just a symptom that most people have and it will goes away with the right dosage of reality and the perfect concentration of trash talk, and I'm getting this medication and I'm afraid that it will cure me and make me give up before I succeed.

Sometimes I think THE HELL WHAT PEOPLE THINK I know what I'm doing and I'm sure that it all will pay off at the end, but to see all the people in your life saying the same thing s and try to convenes you that the safe way is the best way and taking no risk is better than taking it.
But how I know what I'm capable of doing if I never try, it is possible to fail in fact it is the most likely result to happen but .....

I will give you a simple example to make my point ...when you buy a new mobile phone and it's so complicated that all you can do with it is to dial and receive calls that's it..
In this case you have two options '' the first one '' is to settle with what you have and to be afraid to try finding out other options that you have in this phone...you will be safe but you will never know what you are missing

'' The second one '' is to discover by trying,, knowing that the phone may break up but you are willing to take that risk just to find out what you can do with this phone...finally you will succeed after a several attempts... and enjoy with what you have and see what life have for you...
In life you have these two options and it's up to you which one you want to take

- Taking no risk and settle with the surface of life
- Or taking the risk and find out what else in life

I hope I'm making the right choice
But from now on I won't say anything to anyone..
That is the only solution

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