Cell phones are undeniably part of our daily life now. Imagine a day without your cell phone, you might feel as if your hands were cut off. Cell phones ease our life in many ways indeed. However, when it comes to driving, cell phones are more hazardous than convenience.

Unfortunately, we have only 1 brain. In this modern world, people would say, you have to multitask! Time does not wait. However, can you multitask and pay the same level of attention to every task? If you can, you are an alien. Anyway, jokes apart, researches on road driving shows that the reaction time for one who uses a cell phone is even slower than a drunk driver! We are all against drunk driving. Since cell phone usage while driving is even worse, why are we still debating on this issue?

Yes, people argue, you can use hands-free or speaker phone while you are driving. We are not talking about hands but attention is the key issue. People tend to concentrate more on their phone conversation than on the road. Not to mention if it is a conversation that will bring you a contract that is worth millions. How can you not be distracted from driving? In fact, the use of hands-free phones can weaken our ear drums in the long run. You will not be able to predict when the person on the other end will yell or when you will have noisy loud disturbance probably due to the cell phone line. These loud sounds will affect your hearing. A contract worth millions versus losing your hearing ability or even your dear life in accidents? You should be wise enough to choose.

It is even worse when one talks on the phone without his/her hands-free device. You tend to tilt your head against your shoulder in order to hold the phone. Now, how good will you be able to view the roads, seeing it rather sideways? Not to mention your attention trying not to drop your phone and trying to drive at the same time. In fact, the surface of your phone has million, billions of unknown bacteria or viruses. Just imagine sticking your face onto them.

For your information, the mobile phone industry has agreed that mobile phones' radiations do affect one's brain electrical activity. To date, the human brain remains a mystery even to scientists. God knows what side effects these radiations will cause us. From the facts stated above, I believe it is clear that cell phone usages in cars are hazardous. So, why not leave your cell phone alone while you drive. At least you can minimize the time you spend with your phone and take more care about your activities that you are doing and that you need to do. Keep your phone only for emergencies and remember how you managed before the mobile phones took over the world in their grip. It will not only save your time but may help to save your life too.

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