Natural resources like oil and gas have been intimately involved with our development for ages. As the developed world moulded, the use of natural oil and gas as reliable and efficient energy providers slowly dominated most spheres of human need for energy. It does not take long to realize how vital they have become over time. We can hardly do without Mother Nature's these requisite gifts. Oil finds its applications in every walk of life, its uses touches our life in countless ways. However over consumption and over dependence on this cheap energy resources has led to their massive depletion. Oil accounts for world's 40% of the energy needs. Petroleum reserves are limited and their geographical production process is a large one. It takes thousands of years to form naturally and cannot be replaced as fast as they are being consumed. With ever-increasing demands of it, if the problem is not addressed immediately, we would run out of oil in very near future. This will have very adverse impact on the world as a whole. It will also change the geopolitical system of the world.

Unrestricted use of oil also poses potential dangers. The large scale extraction damages ecosystems and causes loss of biodiversity. If proper initiatives to consume the oil are not taken, then one day the Earth will be doomed. To address the issue is to understand the chief causes that have led us to such a dire state. The first reason is ever-growing population which demands energy resources with flammability, high energy value and convenience of use. The second reason is that with industrialization, machinery and faster modes of transportation have become a way of life and symbols of prosperity. We are so bent on development that we have ignored the fact that development has no meaning without support from natural reserves. The third reason is that inspite of developments in the fields of non-conventional energy resources the general populace is still not comfortable with their use because of their energy value and inconvenience of use. Taking all these factors into consideration,it has become a dire necessity that the use of oil can be checked and require a massive worldwide campaign that leads to oil conservation. For this our populace must be encouraged and more conscious about ecological balances and consumption of oil. By taking proper measures, we can pass the world to the next generation which will have to deal with less use of oil.

In view of depletion and scarcity of available to the mankind, there is a need to ponder about these and chalk out a plan for conservation and optimum it. This issue should be addressed with right perspective and implemented in our daily life. Everybody should understand the gravity of the problem and contribute their best as small saving of oil may help the human kind a long way. Towards this end, a massive worldwide campaign should be run to promote conservation of oil in the transport, industrial, agricultural and domestic sectors. Our youth can play a major role in running such campaign. For that use of multimedia, advertisements on television and radio, some documentaries, banners etc. can be made.

In today's world most of the young people are motor vehicle users. They are obliged to make sure that their tires are inflated. By doing this, fuel consumption is reduced by 3%. They should also plan the transportation route in advance. Statistics show that fuel consumption decreases greatly where one drives at the speed of 60 km/hour. They can make use of public transportation or mass transit. Bicycles can be used for short distance or walk to the maximum extent possible.
In a view to reduce oil consumption in industrial sector some training programmes can be organized which will explain them the steps to save oil. This includes use of furnaces and other equipment which are energy efficient and oil fired boilers and water heaters with high degree of boiler efficiency. The industry people must be directed to use fibre glass and foam rolls as common insulation types. They must be made aware of the fact that such steps can save oil upto 20%.
In the agriculture , farmers should be educated about use of organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizer as production of chemical fertilizer make use of petroleum products. In domestic usage, people are to be made conscious about use of plastic bags and should be encouraged to use paper bags.

Our youth is the most capable and creative. They can be encouraged to work towards research in new alternatives and techniques to conserve oil and can be inspired to design engines and motors which use renewable sources of energy and are cheap and convenient to use. And doing so will be great contribution to save Mother Earth's valuable reserves!

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