Almost all the computers are used by right handed people and there are a few left handed people in any community. There are many people who do not think of the left handed people and the problems they face in a community that is dominated by mainly the right handed people. There are various factors that can act as a disadvantage to the left handed people. In fact many of them might even think that they are disadvantaged in the society and may feel handicapped.

The mouse for left handed people

One of the major reasons for their feeling so is the computer mouse that is usually set for the right handed person. The mouse in the computer usually has a right key and a left key. Each of these keys has different functions and describing these functions is not very easy as there is a long list of functions. On the other hand, it is simpler to change the function of the mouse so that it becomes easier for the left handed person to use the mouse.

Steps of changing the mouse function

There are various steps in the changing of the mouse buttons or reversing the functions of the buttons on the mouse. The first step for you to do is to get to the control panel that is the main controlling point for all the functions on the computer. If you select the start function on your computer, there will be a column with a list of functions. The first thing that you can do is to select the control panel icon on this. Once you have selected the control panel, you will be led to a list of various icons. The one that you should be interested in to change the function of the mouse button is the one that tells about the mouse.

You can double click on the mouse function and then once it is opened, you have to select the tab that gives various options. The one that you are interested is the one that tells that you can change the primary and the secondary functions of the mouse buttons. This in other words means that the primary button or the right handed function will be changed to the left handed function and vice versa. This change in the function is a very important one as it can be made to function for the left handed person.

Reverting to right handed function:

If your computer is a one that is used by many people, then you can try to revert to the original after you have used the computer and the process in which you do this is the same as you had done earlier. You can change or reverse the primary and the secondary again to revert to the original function.

There are many left handed people who have been at a disadvantage because if the fact that they have found it difficult to use the mouse that has a left handed function. This method of reversing the function will help you to try to reverse the function and use it for your need and be free from the difficulties associated with not being able to use the computer to the full potential.

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