Environmental experts are calling for recycling of everything, for pieces of paper to your car and even your house! Recycling is re-using something that has lost its original purpose for another thing. Cars and car parts are no longer useful can be recycled instead of being destroyed or thrown away as these may have serious environmental implications.

The best and easiest way to recycle your car and its parts is through donations. If the car is repairable, donate it to an orphanage or a charitable organization or a family that cannot afford to buy one. This is like killing three birds with one stone; getting rid of the car, meeting the need of someone in need and claiming an estimated worth of the old car in tax rebate. There are donation agencies that take care of donation of old cars and their parts. You can call them to pick up the car and refurbish it.

Your car and its parts can also be recycled by selling it to junkyards. Junkyards remove all the useful parts of the car and sell them to local auto shops, the remaining materials are then recycled. Junkyards offer financial compensation for your old car and its parts. Many junkyards will pay for your old useless car and also tow it free of charge. To get a good value for your old car, check a number of junkyards to ask what they may want to offer for your old car and its parts. Compare the prices and choose the best. One problem with junkyards is that, you must have a title to the car or car parts you are selling to them. This is a measure to avoid stolen cars and parts being sold to them. Get appropriate title to your old car before contacting a junkyard.

You can also recycle your old car at home. Remove all the useful parts and sell them to auto shops, then use the other parts at home. Remove all contents from an old damaged battery and use it as a footstool in your living room or balcony. Well washed old broken car engines can be used as tables in your kitchen or living room. Sell your old car tires to a shoe maker in your locality, or cut them to make shoes for yourself and your family. The empty old car itself can serve as a storage facility for your home. Just cover the windows and any other space with rubber or aluminium sheets. It can also be furnished and used as a place for relaxation.

Do you know that your old car can also be used for exhibition? Your car and its parts might be one of the oldest model of cars, and the only one of its kind left. You can donate or sell it to the museums to keep at exhibit.

Since your old car and its parts cannot fit into your recycle bin at home, the best way to dispose them is to recycle, unless you want to keep it at home. Apart from helping get rid of your old car and its parts, recycling helps protect the environment.

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