Movies are the word that most of the people look at when they need an entertainment. The movies in each region have their importance. The movies are for entertainment and enjoyment. The movies give us a kind of relaxation. Many of us feel that if we watch a movie with good theme it will be refreshment for us. The word which buzzes around mouth is movies. We sing songs, dance, and watch programs related movies only. Even the channels evolved with the movie programs only.

The movie industries after Hollywood are Bollywood and Tollywood which produces good number of movies. The movies that are produced released in these industries are huge. The people also love to watch the movies. Movies are the great pass time in these areas. The movie industry gives a lot of employment. Even though it is a entertainment most of the people are depended on these. There are thousands of people working with the industry. The total movie industry revenue depends upon the movie hits and flops.

Hence, Movie industry is not only an entertainment sector but also it gives life to lot of people. The movies have changed a lot then it was used to release in the past. The movies updated themselves with technology. Huge amounts of money, time, work is being spent to make and release a movie. It takes a tough path to release the movie. Its like a building a house with care by spending lot of money on it. Hence it is really a tough task to make a good movie and meet the expectation of people.

The only word which is killing the whole industry in terms of revenue, employment and creativity is "piracy". This is making the movie industry horrible. When we think of piracy there arises two options one is to watching the movie for free by one click, other one is thinking about the whole movie industry. But when we take the positive note then we have to go with second option. Because A movie involves lot of creativity, investment in terms of money, work and time; apart from this the importance of creativity and ideas. Hence when we are watching the piracy movie it is killing their ideas. Because here we watch the movie for free this impacts on the revenue of movie industry.

This is not only making damage for the industry, but also hitting their life patterns too. They work very hard to meet our expectations. But we people watch the movie for free on internet. We download the songs for free. The music album consist lot of hard work from the whole music team. This involves lot of creativity .Every year this is damaging the industry.
Recently Hollywood and Bollywood joined to fight the piracy. The Reliance Big Entertainment, Yash Raj Films, UTV Motion pictures, EROS International joined hands with the motion picture association of America to fight piracy. The Tollywood people recently went for hunger strike and requested state government to fight for piracy.

Hence from these we can say that how big is piracy act? The effect of it on movie industry is really pathetic. It is creating huge problems for the industries. It is even our responsibility to fight for piracy.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India