Once there was great image of Scotland Yard in Pakistan. It was a great symbol of policing and detection. When Scotland Yard visited Pakistan to investigate the murder case of Benazir Bhutto, the people of Pakistan were very hopeful that it would play a vital role to give some positive direction to the investigation which was by and large doubtful. However, all their hopes shattered when Scotland Yard report into assassination of Benazir Bhutto published.

These days Scotland Yard is unnecessarily delaying the report of match fixing against some key players of Pakistan Cricket Team. This thing is again creating doubt in the minds many here in Pakistan. It is mainly because Scotland Yard created a scene in the Pakistani dressing room as if something really unusual was done by the Pakistani players. The people of Pakistan are waiting for the cat to come out of the bag.

There is another serious issue in which too Scotland Yard pokes it nose i.e. the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq. How much his killing is a mystery is one thing but how mystery his killing has been made by the Scotland Yard is another thing. Scotland Yard, having all the training, facilities, technological support, equipment and what not, is appealing for witnesses and is handing out posters to get information. If it fails to come out with clean hands, its credibility would be considered seriously in Pakistan.

In the case of Pakistan, the position of the UK has always been doubtful. The rulers must come out of their old thinking that Pakistan would turn out to be a failing State. For this, what laurels they win from the people of Pakistan? They dub them dogmatic in their thinking. Who says the English are not dogmatic in their thinking? They are more dogmatic than anyone else in the world. They are dogmatic mainly because they are prejudiced, especially about the Indians, and the prejudiced people have greater danger of becoming dogmatic.

The people of Pakistan, therefore, never accept something seriously positive and good from the dogmatic English.

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