Exams are over and so are the holidays and now it's time for the results, and most of the exam results are out, and how many have come across a news about a suicide or an attempt. Nowadays the pressure is too high on the students to fare well in exams, from both the teachers and the parents end, Teacher wants it for the school's reputation, and parents to feel proud, and poor children gets grinded between them. Economy of the country has been improved or not is a big question, few agree and few don't but the suicides cases have surely increased.

Everyone tries to get the first ranks, which of course is not possible and so end up in disappointment and frustration, and ends giving up their life, its more easier than facing the world, By the way, who started the trend of ranks, someone might have for his or her pleasure and that has become almost every ones reason to be under pressure.

And history doesn't prove that only the first rankers or the toppers will succeed in life, and most of the famous people I have heard about are not among the toppers at least, There are so many help lines opened for counseling, which students can use to let out their feeling and get help and these lines are quite busy, coz of increasing number of students stuck without a way to go, only solution is to let their feeling out and reduce their tension and get enough courage to face the world and decide what to do next.

Many do not pick their parents to share their feeling, reason, Parents are parents they are not their friend and at least they haven't even tried to be their friends, and they can share their feeling with friends but if they too are in the same dilemma then where else to go, that's when the problem starts, I would say people who can best reduce the suicide attempts are the parents, children can even face the world but cannot face them.

If parents themselves would become their courage then no one can stop them from succeeding even after not succeeding, children should not be get so much pressure. Well have parents forgotten their childhood, if they have enjoyed their childhood then they should let their children too to enjoy, and if they haven't, that doesn't mean they should not let their children to. Treat children like children and not like mini adults, they will grow up one day and have to struggle all their life, so at least let them live their childhood fearlessly.

Only when they enjoy and live their childhood they would enjoy their adulthood and will enjoy their responsibilities, else they would not even remember that they even had a childhood, As far as exams are concerned I would say like most people do "Exams is just a battle, not War and The whole war is still ahead of us and we have a good chance of winning it". Well I couldn't think of anything else other than War for Exams.

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