A leader is a person who is able to make the team members to work as a unit. The leader of the team is the one who actually takes the major decisions and they should make sure that the team members are all those associated with the functioning of the team to work as a cohesive unit that will help in the success of the team. There are certain factors that each leader should have to make the team to be a success. Even otherwise, a leader should have all the skills and qualities to make them successful in their work as a leader.

The various skills and attributes that each leader should have are as follows:


The leader should be a visionary and they should be able to not only think of the present but also of the future and plan for the company for the future. A person who thinks only of the present and is not able to plan ahead can never be a great leader. This is because there can be a lot of contingencies during the course of time and a visionary will be ready to meet all these. A person with short sighted approach will not have the same visionary attitude.


A great leader is inspirational to the other members of the team. The members of the team may be from various places with different levels of inspiration. The team leader should be a person who is able to make these people to be more inspired and this can help the people to achieve better success in their work.

Awareness of team members' limitations:

The leader is a person who knows all amount all the members of the team that is functioning under him and will know about the shortcomings and limitations of each person under him. This is a very important factor that the leader has to know because if the leader does not know about the members of the team, then the people under him will not be able to work optimally and to their full potential.

Influences team members:

A leader will be a person who is able to influence the members of the team. The team members are those who are individuals with individual ideas. These ideas may be beneficial or not for the team. The leader should be able to motivate the members to make sure that they get influenced but the leader's ideas to work for the company as a unit.

Manages the functioning of the team:

The leader is also a person who manages the effective functioning of the team. The team may have various goals and objectives. These may lead in different paths. The leader is the person who will be able to make the team to work in the right path so that they are able to achieve all their objectives easily and efficiently.

These are some of the primary roles of the leader in any company or organization. The leader should be well equipped with knowledge and skills to achieve better success.

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