Each and every parent's idea is to keep their new born baby to be happy. There are a few parents who are able to do this by anticipating each and every need of the baby and providing the need before the baby starts crying or demanding. This makes the child to be very happy. There are other parents who are not able to anticipate the need of the child and are able to learn the needs through mistakes and errors. This makes them also to be able to provide the needs, but only after the child has become cranky about the need.

There are various needs of the child and these should be identified by the parents as early as possible so that the child does not cry and demand it. Some of the important needs of the child that have to be identified very early are as follows:

1. Food and nutrition:

The mother is more involved in this matter, especially if the child is very young. The mother's milk or breast milk is most important in this age and the child may need milk that the mother has to feed even at two hourly intervals. This can be very demanding for the mother. Many mothers who are going to work may not find time to feed the baby and wean the child to other forms of feeds. Though this is not healthy, it is more practical, but this is one of the major needs of the child and feeding the child often can keep your baby happy.

2. Dry nappy:

The diapers should be changed as soon as they are soiled. This too is sure to keep your baby happy. There are many mothers who either do it themselves or have someone in the family do it. The child likes to be clean and dry and so may start becoming unhappy and cry as soon as the diaper is wet.

3. Sleep:

Sleep is one of the other most important factors that are required for a baby. A baby that has lack of sleep will be crying loudly and will be very unhappy. If you want your child to be happy, then you should make sure that you are able to give the baby a peaceful and restful atmosphere for the baby to be able to sleep. You should also provide the baby with soft cushions so that the baby is able to sleep in comfort. This will keep the baby happy and smiling.

4. Distractions and games:

The baby should also be distracted from the regular routine with adequate games and toys. There are different kinds of toys that are present that can help to stimulate the minds of a small baby. These toys can be used by you to ensure that your baby is happy all the time.

These are some of the important methods of ensuring that you will be able to keep the baby happy at all times. It is also important that the parents are cheerful too, as the baby will be observing the parents from a very young age and the happiness of the parents plays a major role in keeping the baby happy too.

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