The present scenario of our country can be viewed as the global era of development where almost all the states inside India are trying to become a global state all over the world using the keys of industrial development and proper materials management. All the states are getting the grants from the central government continuously for all the necessary developments in several individual areas. The ruling authority of the states use to send their individual requirements and as per their demands additional grants are also provided by the central government for the necessary developments. But,the effect of grants by the means of finance provided by the central government to states can be viewed differently in the sense that the state authority who knows the proper management of funds also properly manages their development schedules in the individual sectors but the state like Jharkhand still lacks the competent authority and officials who knows the proper finance and materials management for the purpose of necessary developments in all the possible sectors to make it a developed state in the world scenario.

Jharkhand is a state which has been separated from Bihar in the year 2000 by the joint efforts of struggling politicians who wanted to to make it separate for making it a developed state in a short span of time. After the separation of this state from Bihar,it began to gain widespread popularity for a few years for its widespread developments in the targeted areas such as roadways,electricity,water supplies etc. As the years passed away,the speed of developments in the state also became slower and slower and slower. The continuous change of ministry in this state for several years also badly affected its development processes. Several MOUs were signed in the leadership of any particular political party but at the time of implementation of the MOUs,the state came under a changed grip of another political party and hence all the terms and conditions needed to be modified as per the terms and conditions of another leadership. Such frequent changes in the political scenarios irritated several industrialists and they ultimately quit for setting up their individual industries for the development purposes. This irritation of the industrialists can be considered as the major cause for Jharkhand for not being a developed state in the sense of industrially developed state in such a wide span of time.

So far as the matter of raw materials and resources are concerned,Jharkhand is a state whose environmental structure is such that it will never lack the resources for the effective development of well equipped industry of any kind. It has a mass of well educated people in almost all the areas,skilled and laborious workers to lead the industry to the path of success,almost all the essential resources and raw materials including forest woods,herbs,iron ores,aluminium ores,stones of different kinds,gems,water supplies etc to name a few. The only point to be targeted is that until and unless an effective and creative super political power will not lead this state,it will always be ignored forever despite of having more wanted resources in the state in comparison to any other state inside our country.

Being a citizen of Jharkhand state, I wish to view this state in the front position in the queue of developed states like Maharashtra and Gujrat and for the same I personally appeal the administrative political authorities to create a change as soon as possible to make Jharkhand a global and developed state in the world scenario.

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