The job of a manger is not only managing the work that is being done, but it also encompasses various other aspects of work. The manager should be a person who is able to talk effectively to the employees working under him. Effective communication is very important for the effectiveness in the job. There are various strategies that can be used by the manager that will help him in effective communication.

The various strategies that can be used by the manager for effective communication are as follows:

1. Assessment of the communication:

This is the first step that the manager can take in the organization to make the communication effective. The initial assessment will find out if the present communication in the company is effective or if it needs to be improved to make it more effective. This initial assessment makes a opening for the betterment of effective communication.

2. Assess organizational structure and base communication on it:

The organizational structure plays an important role in the communication in the company. There are some organizations where the communication is like a grape vine structure where the communication has to go from top to bottom and from the bottom to the top through various steps. Similarly, other organizations can have various other kinds of communication methods. All these depend on the structure of the organization.

3. Communicate clearly and precisely:

Clear and precise communication is another essential strategy that should be used by the manager. If the communication is clear and also precise, there will be effective response to the communication. If not, there can be a lot of strife and also misunderstandings in the company.

4. Seek feedback:

Feedback on the communication is important for you to be able to assess the effectiveness of the communication. There are many times when the communication is done, but the lack of feedback causes the individual to not know if the communication was effective. Feedback will also help the manager to assess if there is room for improvement.

5. Using different communication methods:

There are different communication methods that are present. The best method of communication should be chosen by the individual who is the manager. The reason for this is that when there are different kinds of people in an organization, there will only be certain kinds of communication that will be effective. Uniform communication methods and strategies cannot be used for all people.

6. Do not overwhelm others with unnecessary information:

The manager should also understand the fact that loading the people under him with information that is more than necessary will cause a decrease in the productivity of the individual. The manager should not overwhelm the employees with information that is not necessary and so it will help to make the communication to be more effective and also help the productivity of the company to increase.

These are the various important strategies of communication that every manager should know. Adequate knowledge about all these aspects of communication will help the manager to be more productive and effective too.

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