Female fetus killing is a major cause of a societal problem that needs immediate solution; more men than women. As ridiculous as this may sound, this practice is still ongoing in some places even in the twenty-first century world. Pregnant women take scans and tests to determine the sex of the child they are carrying. If the child is found to be a male, he is allowed to live, but if it is a girl, the pregnancy is terminated. This has contributed to a huge difference in the population of females compared to the population of males.

In certain societies, female children are perceived to be bad luck and so nobody wants to have them. Some societies also think any man whose wife gives birth to a baby girl is not man enough. People who discover they are pregnant with girls therefore terminate the pregnancies quickly before they fall to the so called "disgrace". The lower females to males ratio results in many problems for the society in which the practice of female fetus killing goes on.

More chaos in the society

Any society that lacks women or has fewer women than men is bound to be chaotic. Women are known to be orderly and ensure that every detail is in order. Men on the other hand do not mind about details of orderliness. Once what they get what they want, that ends it. So then if the women who will bring the order into the society are not there, everything becomes disorganized and chaotic. Women are also more forgiving and peace-loving than men and so societies with less women will see atrocities and a lot of confusion.

A dirty society

Women are arguably clean than men. Women will do everything it takes to ensure that their surroundings are clean. Most men do not really care about cleanliness. A man can leave his dishes unwashed for several days without worrying about them. A woman however cannot do that. A society with few or without women is therefore bound to be dirty, with dirty homes and dirty streets.

A less beautiful society

When it comes to what is beautiful to the eye, women have it. They know all about color, which of them are good for certain places and which colors blend well with others. They know which ornamental plants are nicer in which environments and many more details. Most men on the other hand care less about colors, which of them match or which ornamental plants are beautiful.

A society without women therefore will look very clumsy and unattractive.
Women are more caring even for people they know little or nothing about. They put their hearts in caring for others. A woman can just take a stranger into her home and care for the person. Men do not have such time. They will only help a person in need if they know and like the person. Thus if a society has fewer women, many more needs are bound to be left unmet.

The act of killing female fetuses has to be stopped as soon as possible as it is not helping the society in any way.

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