Pesticides are chemicals that are sprayed on crops to kill pests that cause harm to food crops. Such chemicals are harmful to people who consume the crops and the environment at large. Many calls have been made on governments to ban the use of pesticides on farms due to the harmful effects.

Cause of Cancer

Research has shown that, pesticides are a cause of cancer in human beings. Pesticides sprayed on crops and are consumed by humans. These chemicals enter the body and are absorbed by the cells. They begin to cause abnormal growths and destruction of the cells, leading to cancerous growths. Treatment for cancer is very expensive and is affordable to only the rich. Many people die of cancer each year and so government will be saving lives by banning the use of pesticides.


Though producers of pesticides deny it, pesticides may be poisonous to the body. Pesticides are made to kill other forms of life (pests) which may include rats, mice, birds and others. Anything that is capable of killing rats can likely kill human beings too. Consuming food that has been sprayed with pesticides can lead to poisoning and eventual death. It is therefore important for government to ban the use of pesticides on crops so as to preserve the lives of its citizens.


The other problem brought about by the use of pesticides on crops is mutation. Mutation is when the genetic material in the cells is changed. The genetic code on the DNA is modified such that, individuals with such cells tend to have abnormal features and behavior; either a foot is too long or an eye is too big. This effect of pesticides is usually overlooked but it is affecting many people. The bad thing about mutation is that, the defect caused is carried in the family from generation to generation.

Environmental Pollution

When it rains, the pesticides sprayed on crops are washed away and may drain into water bodies. These water bodies become polluted, killing the living things such as fish, shrimps and others living in the water. The water is also rendered unsafe for human consumption. The gases produced by the pesticides also pollute the air, making it unsafe for breathing and also causing respiratory diseases in humans. Pesticides also contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. Any government that is concerned about global warming must take steps to Any government that is concerned about global warming must take steps to ban the use of insecticides of farms.

Soil Infertility

Pesticides are found to pollute the soil on which they come in contact. They are said to kill the living organisms in the soil. These living things contribute a great deal to the fertility of the soil and so in effect, insecticides reduce the fertility of the soil. With time this will cause food shortage as more farmlands are rendered infertile for farming.

Insecticide use on farm crops should not be encouraged due to the negative effects they have. Any committed government should ban their use on farms.

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