Trained Human Resource Personnel - Need of the hour for Indian Business Organizations

Author: Mukulika Manna

Business competitions are increasing day by day. When the world economy is suffering from serious monetary set backs Indian business organizations are no longer exception to it. More or less every big and small Indian business houses are facing the hurdle of recession. Salary cut, increased duty hours or pink slips are the few examples of its effect on Indian Industry. Employees are looking for stability in job and thus ruining from pillar to post to get it. Micro and Small industries are no exception to it. Many medium and small organizations either shutting down or restructuring their work force in order to keep pace with Industry. Now the question arrives that only restructuring can help to come out of this situation? This paper put some light into it.

Human Resource:
Like any other natural resources human beings are also treated as resource by the organizations. Unlike any other resource human resource also require to nurture and handle properly. This can be done only by the help of trained human resource personnel. Again the problem is the availability of properly trained personnel. In order to have trained personnel organizations must prioritize their corporate, strategic and tactical plans. They must create synchronization between long term and short term planning in order to achieve desired goal, vision, mission and target.

Need of the hour:
Industry is having unrelenting pace. No one can tell what is going to happen in distant future. But business organizations always want to be prepared to any unseen. Which is practically next to impossible? Because every time situation and demand changes so as need. So the problem remains. How to estimate need of the hour? The answer is simple but not easy. Day today planning can be of great help if maintained properly. If businesses (organizations) can make employees understand the importance of day based planning it will not only help the employees but also to the organization. In due course employees also learn the art of activity planning.

Training of personnel:
Indian business organizations are lacking in this particular domain. Many organizations are not having any proper human resource department. Accountants and other administrative staff acts as HR. The result is inevitably bad and having negative impact on the newly inducted employees. Another negative side of is of overdependence on off the job training which lasts three to seven days in most of the organizations. Practically newly inducted employees are started hoping to the market without proper theoretical knowledge. This leads to failure to gather practical knowledge too. Where developed countries already started simulation as method of training Indian business houses are still using age old classical methods.

Desire to adopt:
Sometimes the question comes why Indian business houses are unwilling? Is it just because of lack of willingness or lack of infrastructure or money? The answer is combination of all. Most of the Indian organizations aim for short term gain. They never look at the better side of the situation. When ever require they exploit the market and employees and letter through them as trace can. This attitude needs to be addressed.

Indian business organizations should understand the contribution of the properly trained employees. Though the initial investment cost on modern training methods like simulation is more but it will lead to such trained people who can handle any adverse situation.

About Author / Additional Info:
Mukulika Manna is an enthusiastic author from India. She possesses MBA in HR from NSHM, kolkata, West Bengal, India.