There are various factors that make a CV to look in bad light when you send one to a prospective employer. There are many people who write their own CV's and so are not able to write a good one. The use of the right methods of designing, and also the right kind of words are very important as they make the CV attractive. This is very important for the employer to invite you for an interview and then select you. You may be an exceptionally talented person, but if your CV is not made in the right method, than all of this talent will be wasted as all employers will avoid you.

The CV is the first line of approach that is made by the applicant to the company and so it should be the best so that many people are able to feel that you are the right person for the job. The factors that should be avoided as they make your CV look bad are as follows:

1. Too many details:

Many people think that their CV should have as many details as possible, all clustered together in one or two pages. This should be avoided. The reason for this is that when a person looks at the CV and it is cluttered a lot, it causes the person to throw it away. Neatness is something that is appreciated in all parts of the world. This should be remembered and you should try to make a resume that is very good to look at.

2. Spelling mistakes:

Spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in the CV is another thing that causes your 'would be' boss to trash your CV. Even if you are talented in your work, the language skills matter a lot because of the importance given to interpersonal skills and also the ability of the individual to talk in good English. A person whose CV has mistakes are considered to be those who have not put in a lot of effort to make a correct CV. They are also thought to be people who do not have the right skills to work in the company.

3. Failures:

If you have had any failures in the past or if you have not been a good worker and been thrown out of a job, try to avoid mentioning it in your CV. There are times when you cannot avoid mentioning it because of the questions asked, but if possible, try to avoid mentioning the failures. This will ensure that are able to get the job that you apply. If you are very honest, then you may lose your chance. This does not mean that you are to be dishonest, but you can just avoid mentioning unpleasant incidents of your past life in the CV.

4. Salary expectations:

There are many of us who like to write what salary we expect from the company where we are planning to go to work and we also write the salary that we were getting n the last place of work. This does not seem to be a nice idea for a variety of reasons. If your previous drawn salary is less, then the management might decide to give you less than what they had planned for.

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