Indian Cricket team came back with loss of T20 world cup from the Caribbean island. The loss in the T20 is of three matches in super 8 which in turn made the team to stay out of the cup. This may not be a huge loss for the team. But the things here need to be concern is the performance. The matches were good enough and team also worked hard to reach that but in vain. But there are some players who were lack of form. This made an impact on the results of the match.

Hence when our team skipper was asked for the reason for the bad performance we got the answers as the late night parties of IPL has spoiled the game spirit. And the answer from our team coach was that there was no time to prepare for the cup as the IPL finished just now. But BCCI do not need all these they straight came up with the answer that they want sack Dhoni from the captaincy. But there are supporters for Dhoni in BCCI team to stay back as captain. This may be an unnecessary reaction from BCCI. Because of the loss in one cup, may not hit hard for the wins under Dhoni's leadership.

Dhoni is a good leader. He is the only leader who is well known for his cool head and well deserved strategies. Because of him the Indian Team ranked number 1 in Test cricket rankings. If we check his captaincy then the total number of wins overall are 65 from 115 played matches which is around 75%. Hence it is not a bad performance for a leader. Sometimes we may failure in some series, but this does not indicate us to sack him out from the position. We should not forget that under his belt we won the first T20 world cup. Hence there is nothing wrong in giving chance to him to act as captain in ODI, T20 and Tests. Hopefully he is such a player that we will never get again. He is a cool captain and takes responsibility to win the matches. He always fights and bats well whenever required. He has good score and average in the Individual performance.

From my opinion there should be another chance given to him to play as captain. Even there are supporters for him in BCCI as well as like me in our country.

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Reference: Times of India.