If I have had a mystical golden pen, I would have written this in the white sky of our dear Nigeria for all the compatriots to see and think. The article is not to praise any Caesar nor condemn any Brutus of our dear great Nigeria. It is not under the auspices of anyone. It is only a reaction to the re-branding Nigeria project, to perusing and making some possible synthesis through a philosophical survey [without a lam-into anybody]. It is to show that to be sceptical about the re-branding project is normal. Yet, it is not an Herculean task; it is very achievable only if we follow the right route.
The right route opens when the right step is taken, when the term re-branding is well understood; then its relationship with only society [Nigeria].

Here philosophical survey should not be construed as the mild or extreme usage of the traditional branches of philosophy or even the applied branches. Philosophy in its etymological conception means love of wisdom [Philo and Sophia]. Wisdom, popularly known doesn't come easily; it needs a rigorous search and research analogous to being critical. On this note the term 'philosophical connotes critical'.

What is Rebranding?

Semantically, the term re-branding is a prefixed word. The word is sourced from the addition of re and branding, which means again and the present continuous action of the appellation of a sign of ownership to a product. Re-branding hence is therefore the appellation of a renewed sign of ownership to a product (again). The sign that will give a lasting impression to those concerned on first contact.

Re-branding is not needed unless something is wrong with the brand either in quantity or in quality. It implies that "we can only re-brand a brand". Re-branding can be positive or negative. Positive if it brings pleasant results and negative if a regress occurs in the quantity or quality of the moribund brand.

Relationship with a society

Re-branding in relation to a society, either underdeveloped, developing or developed, like a product, confirms that the society is in a condition which is not perfect, desiring a positive improvement.
A perfect analogy is the United States of America during its undesired colonized condition under Britain. She received her independence[1776] and so became a brand. The US was not contented with her independent condition, she took a rebranding project whose positivity attracted the greatest gift the Statue of liberty from France [May of 1886].

This article is not concerned with the developed societies but the underdeveloped or the developing ones like our great Niger area. With the given of a name, the change of the national anthem including the national flag with the advent of the Coat of Arm; our dear Nigeria struggled to be a brand. No need of saying Nigeria is never a perfect brand. In this realm it shows that there is an urgent need for re-branding.

But Who should Re-brand?

Anybody trying to bestow a potential must already be in the actuality. For a perfect re-branding to occur in a society the re-brander or the person channelling the course of re-branding must be outside universal and (if possible) particular imperfections. This shows that the re-brander must be free from the societal imperfections.

Critically, if a citizen claims perfection despite the fact that the society is imperfect then the citizen's perfection is under question.

If the re-brander is said to be mentored to the re-branded level by developed nations or societies then that the re-branding methodology is not polluted by culturally alien doctrines is also questionable.

Should a society rely on a re-branded society to be re-branded then the society will be susceptible to domination or censorship [which are refined colonization] by the developed society.

From the above, it is no more obscure that re-branding is a very sensitive issue. Re-branding Nigeria or any society is not an issue of agency for food and drugs that can be excellently manoeuvred by a fair individual.

Without much restrictions or difficulties, you allow the course of re-branding to flow freely it must be specific. What made the 7 Point Agenda of Umaru Musa Yar'adua administration surviving-if not effective-is for its having specific issues that it will attends to i.e., Education, Agriculture, Health, et cetera. Specifity most times implies possibility. The re-branding project, without being extreme over who should re-brand, can succeed if and only if it has purpose(s). it must be over some undesiring elements in the society that demands changes. these elements should be stated and made clear.

About Author / Additional Info:
This short but numinous article is deduced from an unfinished work, about the rebranding Nigeria project, of 'Femi Omotoyinbo. It shows him as a genuine Nigerian seeking the profitability of the labours of Nigerian Heroes past- including the late president Umaru Yar' adua. 'Femi is godly and cool!