Newspapers, as their name suggest brings to people events worth noting during a period. The newspaper market had its booming days, where every home or office you entered offers you a large booklet of loose paper with the recent events recorded in it. Newspapers are however fading out of many homes and offices and are being replaced by online news. People would no more care if a day passed without them buying the paper for the day because they can get the news elsewhere.

Online news is gaining increasing porpularity, especially among the young people because of the many advantages it offers over the printed newspapers.

The first advantage the online news sources offer over the printed newspapers is cost. You need to pay tor the newspaper before you can get to read the news. The online news sources however offers you the news virtually for free. All you may have to pay for is your Internet connections which you may have other uses for.

With online news sources too, you can check the truth or authenticity of the story or event published as you are sure to get many other stories reporting on that. With the newspapers however, you may have to buy other papers to see if they carry the same story in order to verify the truth of the story. It is therefore not easy to authenticate stories in newspapers.

If an event occurs, it is only the next issue of a newspaper that reports on it. Until that is published, you cannot get access to the story. Online news sources are however "real-time" of some sort. You get the news as and when the event takes place and so you are always up to what is happening around the world.

Choosing online new sources over newspapers also mean that, you have more news sources than you can read. You can have more than a hundred news sources reporting on the same event, but looking at it in different perspectives.

Technology implemented in online news sources is also reducing the market for newspapers. Some online news sources offer audio versions of the news being presented and so you do not need to know how to read to get the news. They also provide a lot of images and videos when necessary on a story being reported. This is however not the case with newspapers. The best they can offer is pictures, whose quality cannot compare to that of online news sources.

It is an undeniable fact that very soon, newspaper vendors will be going out of business. It is now only the elderly and corporate organisations that still patronise newspapers. Many young people prefer to read or watch the news online. If this present elderly generation dies out and the young today grow to take their place, you can just imagine what will happen. No one will buy newspapers and the newspaper businesses may have to close down or print something else of interest.

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