Just think....why should we regret or take a step back?? All of us are equal. Why should we get scared because of anyone?we are paying for for each and everything and so..we must and should live in our own path..in our own way.

If anyone commented me, I'll laugh bigger than them.and if they did it again.,then i too will laugh again and share the joke with them..such that.. They'll get realised then or some other time.

If anyone annoyed me,i will annoy them double.so that..they'll regret!if not.. I just calmly watch them and have a strange look.and..it's enough for them.if i was interested and studied..I'll write the exams and answer anyone. if not..i will never even have a left look at them or answer anyone.and..ofcourse..I hate to argue.because...I'm not responsible to answer anyone.

I'll never cry for anything. because..god gave me people who loves me and cares for me.so..why should i cry? aren't the relationships enough for a successful life?

Don't be scared of anyone.just fear for the lord...!!
Answer him for everything.there is no need to answer anyone...just answer to the lord and honour him..do whatever your heart says correct and dont regret for anything and move ahead..

and..from now...
NO NEED TO REGRET FOR ANY THING...BECAUSE...IT'S YOUR LIFE.. perform your best and be the best...

Live a like a legend!!!!!

your life should be a reflection for the way people desire to live inside.


About Author / Additional Info:
Anusha suribabu.email:anu.pulse@gmail.com