India is a country which needs no any kind of identification being world famous for its multi dimensional achievements in almost all the fields of developments. It is emerging continuously as a developing country because of the fact that consistently this country is trying itself to lead the world and to win the race of developments in such a fashion that no any other country can even imagine in their dreams to overtake it. All these spirits for this country are quite sufficient to explore its strong will power in the world scenario.

The constitution of India upon whom the entire system is based is a lot renowned all over the world since it has all the possible probabilities, rulings and rights to deal with any kind of suddenly generated situations. All the Indians have a blind believe in the constitution of India in the sense that they are continuously being provided all the rights,rules and in toto an entire pathway to survive in this country. They are very much optimistic towards any of the dam harsh situations which may be suddenly arised in the country in the form of any of the deadly disasters that the strong constitution of India is a lot capable to deal with such obstacles. There must not be any of the kind of questions of doubt related to the responsibility, liability and constitution of India for the safety of its citizens. But, I on behalf of all the Indians want to ask a list of questions from the Indian government that why the legal system of India is suffering from Polio in the sense that it is not able to walk even a shorter distance in a short time using both its legs properly? Why the terrorists like Azmal Kasab, Afzal Guru etc despite of being found guilty in brutal murders of mass of innocent Indians are kept in a safe custody till now? Why not the immediate judgements by the honourable courts of India for hanging them till death have been implemented? Are the video evidences too do not hold any values for the Indian legal systems? Why such terrorists are enjoying best hospitality including best food,designer jail cell,best medical treatment and free lawyers etc? What is the need for spending such a huge amount of Indian revenue on the such meaningless creatures? Most of the people of India are still not getting food and shelter for their survival and the Indian government despite of developing several strategies are still failure to provide them such essential requirements.On the other hand,the members of the most deadly terrorists groups including Lahkar-E-Toiba, Jaish-E-Mohammad even found guilty in the video evidences too are feeling much secured in this country because their appeals against their death sentences are still being continued and will be continued forever.Finally, a day will come when one more plane hijack will be made and in turn the release for their terrorists brothers will be demanded by the hijackers as made in the case of Maulana Masood Azhar several years ago.

Some of the most deadly and the most brutal attacks includes the attacks made in Mumbai in the year 2008 by the Pakistani terrorists in which approx 166 innocent Indians were killed and a terrorist named Azmal Kasab was caught alive, Attacks made by the LET and JEM together in the Indian Parliament for which Afzal Guru was caught for being the alleged and master mind in December 2001. Despite of the providing them the punishment of death by the courts of India,they are still surviving and are almost optimistic for their release against such a severe crime.They are not at all afraid to be hanged someday and thats' why the terrorists like Kasab use to laugh and giggle during his hearings in the Bombay High Court via video conferencing.

Last but not the least, I would like to conclude that the terrorists like Kasab and Guru etc should have been shot dead by the security personnels several days before after getting all the necessary informations regarding their future plans.Additionally,the terrorists must be put into the different category of crimes and there must be the one and only judgement and that should be full and final.The policy of Indian government regarding dealing with such kind of terrorists must be strong like US and the immediate death punishments must be provided instantly by the courts without any further legal proceedings to provide them a lesson so that they must not even think in their dreams for any further brutal attacks in this country.

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