Fire detection system is a part of fire safety. These detectors alert the nearby people if they sense any sign of smoke or fire. The system is widely used in both commercial and residential buildings. Almost every building and house has a fire detection system in the developed countries. The use of the fire detection tools is not as common in the third world countries and they are used only in the commercial places or in the houses of rich people.

What is a fire detection system?

The fire detection system is a mini tool that is placed in the roof of the room. It is very small and if the color of the detector is same as the roof or wall, it is almost unnoticeable. Within this tool, there is a detector that can identify smoke. Of course light smoke that is mixed with the air is ignored by the detector. In case of heavy or dense smoke, the detector alerts the people in the building.

How the fire detectors work?

The traditional fire detectors used alarming siren or sound to alert people in case of any sign of fire or smoke. In the recent years, the system has been changed a lot and now the detectors have a connection with the main water supply of the house or building and in case of fire; these detectors spray water like a hose in the room. Although this makes a flood in the room, it is more secure than the previous system.

How to install fire detectors?

Fire detectors are some short of automatic system. It does not need any extra power from the home electric supply; just a small battery is good enough to keep it running for a long time. The fire detector is a small piece of equipment that you can attach on the ceiling of the room. All of the rooms in a building keep the option to attach the tool in the ceiling.
The normal fire detector with an alarm is easy to install; the user just have to palace it with the ceiling and turn the switch on. However, the other tools that have a direct connection with the water line of the house are little more complicated than the alarming detectors and you may need professional help for that.

Importance of fire detection system

Fire detection system is very important for both commercial space and private house. It is usually a part of the integrated security system. Some of the fire detection system has direct connection with the police or fire service office and this immediately alerts them in case of a fire.

The fire detection system can save the property from a fire accident. And more importantly, it can save the lives and property of people. Also the modern system can start working in case of a fire accident before the fire service shows making it a very important device. This is also helpful for identification of fire in the places where the fire men cannot reach easily.

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