Though the young age marriage including teenage marriage has become much rarer than it used to be, there are certain societies where it is increasing. The reason for the teenage marriages in the decades past was mainly because of the parents marrying off their children before they became older. These days, the people are not marrying their children off when they are in their teenage, but the main reason for the early marriage and teenage marriage these days is the sexual promiscuity.

There are a number of children in their teenage who are involved in a relation with a person of the opposite sex. This has caused many of the teenagers to get pregnant at times, and there are many others who marry at a very young age. There are a lot of disadvantages of marrying at a very young age. There are some common reasons and these are listed here.

1. Financial problems:

Starting a family will need a lot of financial needs. As a person is planning to start a family, there will be various needs and if a person is working, then these needs can be met to an extent. As a teenager marries, the person may not be able to get a job as the teenager may not be educationally qualified and may not even get a simple job to earn money. This causes the family to have a lot of problems. Finally, the teenagers have to either depend on their parents or they will have to break up because of not being able to support each other. This is one of the major reasons for the people not to marry early.

2. Education and job:

This is very closely related to the lack of finances. The teenagers who have been married will not have completed their education at that point of time. They will find it very difficult to study and complete the education, with the family also needing a lot of time and attention. As there is no proper education, the availability of jobs will be a major problem. Even if the person does get a job, it will be one where the pay is very less because of the lack of education. This will break the family too.

3. Maturity:

The couple will also be immature at a young age and this can lead to various problems too. They will not be able to get along with each other as they are not old enough to understand the problems of the other person. The teenager would have lived in a dependant situation, being under the care of the parents and suddenly, they are both together as a couple and this too can cause a lot of adjustment problems. All these can lead to problems and strife in the family leading to a break.

4. Divorce:

The divorce rates are very high in couples who have married as teenagers. Though they are attracted to each other, it could be infatuation and once they live with each other, they may realize that they are not made for each other and may divorce. In fact the divorce rates in the people who have married as teenagers is very high when compared to the general population.

These are the common problems and disadvantages that are attached to the teenage marriages

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