By nature, man is born frail and weak. When a lamb is born it is already enabled to follow its mom to any length. A lioness does not need a trolley to push its cub about; the cub is strengthened enough to for any race. Unfortunately, human baby is not efficient like its mentioned fellows. The baby is born lazy, naked, blind and helpless. It has no tact and it is invariably a little burden for the parent or guardian. A lamb or a cub can easily survive a prolonged absence of their parents compared to the human baby. The baby needs an attachment for its survival. The baby needs friendship, care, warmth and love. Above all, the baby needs a mentor. A mentor that will cultivate the baby into a life that is beneficial for it and its society.

It is the awareness of this that has led to the emergence of the Gwalior Children Charity (GCC) which has been in existence since 1997. The charity since its registration has devoted time and skills in order to cater for the disabled and poor children, especially in the Gwalior and its environs in India. There have been children, orphans and the destitute all round that have not been given attention or care. Those that are disabled are getting abandoned and avoided even by relatives and parents. It is even obvious that the government seems too busy to notice the conditions of these children.

Everyone cannot be quiet and expect another one to take up the task. There should be no retardation in the care, attention and love shown to these children no matter their physical or psychological condition.

In this our modern era, the children are easy preys to so many odds. They could be trafficked, sexually abused, radicalised into terrorism or become victims of brutality, wars and insurgencies. In a bid to protect the children from these social evils; the Gwalior Children Charity opened the Snehalaya, a home of love, to accommodate and nurture these children.

Individuals that assist at the Snehalaya are not in any way compelled by law to bear the burdens of these children. Yet they selflessly struggle to accommodate them; as they struggle to manage their personal lives they also strive to give these children a life worth living.

No treasury has been looted nor any Jackpot found: the Gwalior Children Charity has not received any help from Indian Government whatsoever. Despite global financial meltdowns and local challenges; the charity has boldly continue to accept, feed and cater for the children at the Snehalaya. The boldness has surpassed all challenges because of its foundation.

A foundation of kind individuals, philanthropists and organisations that are making sure that the children eat, get love, warmth and education. Majority of these helpers are not on the Indian soil or living in the Asian continent. Their kindness has motivated them to bridge geographical gaps and extend their cherished hands of love towards the children. Had it not been for their supports, the Gwalior Children Charity would have been compelled to quit its mission.

With the existence of the Snehalaya (home of love); the responsibility of the Gwalior Children Charity has been broadened, there are now extensions of hospitals, mobile clinics and schools so as to meet the demands of these children in villages of India. There is now much to do! These provisions will not be useful if there are no human and financial assistance to utilize them for the children.

Now, the Gwalior Children Charity needs you to contribute a quota towards the welfare of these helpless children. The children want you to volunteer yourself, your time and your purse for them. No token is irrelevant!

The children are waiting for you in the belly of the Snehalaya at Gwalior, India. They are simply waiting for you to make them relevant to world development. They are waiting for you to mentor them with your donations.

Your monetary donations and assistance will surely give them a life worth living. It is not necessary to pay for Visa so that you get to them; they are just here in your presence (thanks to the internet). So visit and join us as we give these children at Gwalior a purpose for their existence. You can always ask for any question or further information, just write to the founder Dr. Sharma
Join us to give them a dream!

About Author / Additional Info:
Femi Omotoyinbo takes a philanthropic view that those at the rural areas have right to proper life too.
We do not need to see the constitution to render any help to humanity. So visit and join us as we give these children at Gwalior a purpose for their existence.