Trafficking is a terrible crime that oppresses innocent humans. This crime is usually done to naive children who aren't able to understand what kind of torture they are putting themselves into. Presently, India is one of the most countries that have trafficking as a major issue, particularly with women and children. Something needs to be done about this terrifying issue, and fast.
Poverty is the main cause that leads people to becoming victims of trafficking. These people end up with no options but to follow who lends them a hand and do what they say to live. Often the victims are lured into this by a false promise of a job by someone who seems capable truly helping them, when in reality; they want to use these innocent women and children for various transportations, harbor for sexual or labor exploitation.

A report by the National Commission for Women (NCW) says that there are currently about 1,794 identified areas in India where females are trafficked and about 1,016 areas also in India where there are sexual activities. These places include Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, and Bihar. More than 22 percent of women who are forced into sexual activities are sold or forced into trafficking by their family and friends. As for little boys and girls, they are forced to either cut off their arms and legs, or to be blinded and they would be forced to go and beg on the streets. Following more horrifying acts, this would supposedly make people feel pity for these children and give them money, which would be later on sent to the "boss" of these deprived children. Sometimes, the girls are forced to work in bars and belly dance, until they are older. Some manage to escape, however they have neither home, nor a family to go to for help.

These terrible acts are happening right now, to innocent people who only wanted to find food to live. They were forced to go in a direction that would lead them to suffer even more. But we can stop this, maybe not to the point where it won't exist anymore, but to an extent to where we would have saved peoples' lives. These people need our help out there, and if we all want to make a difference, then we must start now. Support the liberation of innocent, tortured humans. Imagine if this were you, wouldn't you want someone doing something about it to at least try and help you?
Every second that passes by, and you're sitting there, and not intending to help, well remember, that what goes around comes around, and everyone has the power to do something, even if it's praying for these people. Make a difference in the world and help others who are in need. Pass on this message, and tell your friends and family about the oppression that's going on in the world. Tell them about trafficking and attempt to make a difference. Donate clothes and money, and try to help these innocent people who need a helping hand. Trafficking isn't any simple crime, this is serious and something needs to be done about it. Remember that every little act counts.

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