Illegal drugs are not a new concept in India, they have been around for decades. There are lot of mild "Desi" drugs like Bhaang which have been around for centuries. Many Hindu Sadhus have been using "mild" drugs for ages as a part of their meditation. The drug addiction problem has now started to enter the elite society and even in colleges/schools at a rate not seen before. Rave parties are becoming increasingly common where use of drugs if fairly common. Common drugs include cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and ganja. Drugs are illegal in India but due to corruption, combined with a weak law enforcement and a complex legal system, it is not easy to prosecute these criminals. Moreover the underworld drug cartels in India are very powerful people and it is not easy for the police to touch these people.

Drugs follow money, since Indians are getting richer due to a booming economy they have more money in hand to spend on these illegal entertainment activities. Although the percentage of people in India who use drugs is fairly low, but the number is growing at a scary rate. Indians are consuming alcohol at a very high rare and as you all know that drugs is usually the final destination for several Alcoholics. Social taboos, self-restraint and pervasive control are dying as young individuals are inclining towards a more western influence.

Once these drugs enter the richer society it can be particular devastating because those rich people are a key to the economic growth of India. The use of drugs leads to an increased crime rate, road accidents and death. Drug addiction can devastate families and force people to take extreme measures. What starts as a one time fun with a bunch of friends simply sticks for life because drugs are extremely addictive.

It is anticipated that there are millions of drug addicts in India. Young and single software engineers are one of the biggest targets of these drug cartels. It is hard to put a number on how many people are addicted to drugs because no one publishes those numbers. But due to a high unemployment rate among undereducated people, selling drugs is an easy way for them to make quick money.

This problem is expected to rise in the next decade and could eventually threaten the overall growth of the country. Please share your thoughts..!!

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- Sent by Rohit