Obsessive internet use is a serious problem for some people but internet addiction is not an authorized disorder yet. Many psychiatrists are not definite if they should consider it a real disorder or not. The behavioral pattern of this disorder is somewhat similar to that of drug addiction but the treatment is quite different.

As internet is a mandatory part of our life now, it is not possible to abandon the use of internet. Instead of that it would be more reasonable if the addict could reduce the total use of the internet. Not being able to control the usage is one of the symptoms of this addiction, so addicts will not be able to do it by their own. What the therapist needs to do is to motivate the addicts to reduce their use by making them aware of the underlying consequences of this alarming modern addiction. There are some online groups who are helping the abusive and addicted users of internet. You can also take the help of a recovery book like "Caught in the Net" which provides many intrusion techniques. Following are some techniques which you can follow for the treatment of internet addiction:

• Practice the opposite: This exercise will help you to readopt a new time schedule for your daily routine. The interruption in your normal routine will help you to break the online habit.

• Fixing the goals: Define a time limit like 20 or 40 hours. Try not to go online within this certain period unless it is really necessary. Therapists should arrange a session after every time slot so that there would be another slot after that. It will make sure that the plan is not an ambiguous one and also that the addict will have no free online slot.

• Abandonment: If an addict fails to moderate the addiction to a certain application like surfing social networking sites or online gaming or chatting, then abandonment to that certain application is the next appropriate measure of the treatment.

• Reminder cards: In order to keep a patient focused on the goal either regarding the reduction of usage or abstinence from particular application, use reminder cards. These cards must contain the major benefits of cutting down on internet use or abandoning that particular application along with major problems of not doing so.

• Internet support groups: These groups help to counsel the addicts, not only by sharing the demerits of internet addiction but also by sharing real life experiences of other addicts. It is always very helpful when a group of people with the same problem share their experiences with each other. They got motivated more easily by this kind of sharing and play an important role in the treatment of this addiction.

• Family support: The addict's family should come forward to support him. Without the proper family support it is difficult to get rid of this addiction. It is more necessary for those who are having relationship problems because of this addiction.

The concluding line for dealing with internet addiction is to identify the exact reason behind this addiction and treat the patient accordingly.

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