I'm screaming my lungs out. Howling like a baby. No I am having the baby, reality check, get a grip. I get a shot of Pethadine in the leg. Oh if I could only explain what the pain was in each contraction I would. There are just no words sometimes. I will try to do the best I can to remember the haze in which Brodie Alexander Bakracevic was born into.

The nurses are nice and ready to offer assistance at any time. I wanted drugs and I got all I could to try stop the pain. An epidural was next. They started saying the side effects and I totally cut them off by saying "Do it now". Screaming seemed more easier and attracted more attention for something more to be done. I announced I wanted a C-section after an enormous 36 hours of putrid labor. Well the doctor was going to be two hours. I went mad. Starting by telling the nurses that they lied to me by saying the pain won't come back with the Epidural. Then I continued screaming in between bouts of foggy hallucinations from the gas. Next came the unthinkable.

They wanted me to sign papers and have a nurse talk to me about having a c-section. I was irritable in the end, I said "Just fucking knock me out". Those five words were my mantra for the last two hours of the ordeal.

Even when they were wheeling me into theatre I was screaming those words. I had never been so scared in my whole life. I wanted to die from the pain, it was the most agonizing and traumatic feeling I had ever experienced in my whole life. It was the most rewarding however, as Brodie Alexander Bakracevic came into the world on 14th October 2010. The significance of this day has influenced my life and will continue to gracefully follow me wherever I go or whatever I choose to do.

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I am a freelance journalist from the gold coast