Infertility is a problem that is seen in many couples. One has to understand that the infertility can be seen in men as well as women. Each has similar treatments, but they also differ a lot in the method in which the treatment is initiated because of the different functions done by the bodies.

Causes of infertility

There are many causes of infertility as far as both the sexes are concerned. Some of the common causes of infertility are as follows:

1. Disease:

There are many men and women who have diseases that can cause the person to become infertile. Some of the common diseases are as follows. Sexually transmitted diseases can occur and this can cause the person affected to become infertile as the infective organ affects the reproductive system of the person. Other than sexually transmitted diseases, infections due to any bacteria , virus or other microorganisms can also cause infertility. There are certain specific diseases in men and women that affect that particular sex only. These include congenital developmental problems in the individuals reproductive organs, that make them to be unable to be sexually active.

2. Lifestyle:

There are various changes and modifications in the lifestyle of a person. Some of the common modifications that are seen in people are increased smoking. As the person smokes a lot, the reproductive organs are not able to function properly because of the free radicals that are present in the body. These free radicals cause the decrease in the virility and the fertility of the individual.

3. Obesity:

Obesity is a condition that has recently been seen to affect many people and cause infertility. The connection between obesity and infertility is not really known, but the connection has been established. So obese people can try exercise and diet control to make sure that they are not infertile.

4. Age:

There are many times when age also plays a major role in infertility. Any woman who is very young and below the age of 20, may not be as fertile as a person older than that. Similarly, a woman in the age more than 32 or 35 has decreasing fertility. If the woman in this age group is trying to become pregnant, then it might be difficult because of infertility.

5. Stress:

In many people, stress also seems to play a major role in the infertility that occurs. The relation between the two conditions is not exactly known, but it has been realized that people who are very highly stressed are having a lesser fertility than those who have very less stress. If the stress is decreased using various measures, then the person has increased fertility. This is the reason for the change ion lifestyle including relaxation exercises being advocated for the treatment of infertility.

These are the various common reasons for the infertility in people. Adequate treatment is necessary to reduce this infertility and this treatment includes natural medications like herbal therapy and also acupuncture that has already helped to cure millions of people who have been suffering from infertility.

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