BBC News reported on this August 7, 2012, that "Joseph Kabila" (the "president" of the DRC) is meeting Paul Kagame near Uganda's Kampala in order to "discuss the conflict" in Congo that has led to many donors cutting or suspending aid from Rwanda... Is anyone out there thinking? Could the Allies have met with Adolf Hitler in order to "discuss the conflict" in occupied Europe? Or else could occupied Europe have met with Hitler and agree to create a "neutral force" that would insure peace in Occupied Europe? No one sees anything wrong with this picture?

How long is the West going to be played with by the trio Kagame-Museveni-Kabila?

When are NGOs and other groups going to begin to point the finger to the major impediment to ending the Congo crisis who also makes sure that Kagame and Museveni's troops and militias in eastern Congo are not bothered, disturbed, or kicked out by the huge Congo which, if it weren't for "Kabila" always giving orders that prevents the Congolese army from winning, could marshal enough forces to win and kick out the foreign militias?

Why don't the West, the UN, and the NGOs listen to the Congolese opposition in exile or the declarations of the Congolese opposition in Kinshasa, i.e. Member of DRC parliament Andre Makila on Youtube, see "veirte, verite avec l'honorable Jose Makila"? (Another member of DRC opposition, Diomi Ndongala, has been kidnapped by Joseph Kabila, and the West, the UN, and the NGOs just keep quiet).

Who ever heard of a huge country that is unable to defend its border then meets the very countries that have been invading, slaughtering, gang-raping, and stealing its resources, and ask the very malefactors to join forces in a "neutral" force in order to "insure" peace in one's huge country? Is this trying to fool the Congolese who are being killed and raped everyday or is this the liars lying to themselves?

How naïve or fools or else complicit are the West, the UN, and the NGOs in the continued holocaust (the Independent of London) in eastern Congo?

It must be that the trio Kagame-Museveni-Kabila are more cunning or smatter than the West, the UN, and the NGOs combined in order for this trio to keep pulling the same scheme year after year while the Congolese keep dying, the women and little girls keep being gang raped and the Congo's resources keep flowing through Rwanda and Uganda, while Kabila says not a word of protest or of complain, but he rather meets with, eats and drinks with the other two while conversing with them in the Kinyarwanda.

Unless, of course, the West, the UN, and the NGOs are just pretending to "See Nothing, Hear Nothing, and Say Nothing".

Let's go back to the beginning.

None of the Congolese either in eastern Congo or in the rest of the country believes that there is any "Hutu rebels" in eastern Congo who is trying to invade Rwanda. To believe this, one has to be a bigger fool and uninformed as one who lives on Pluto. The UN Mapping Report that came out on 10/1/2010 accusing Kagame of crimes that can qualify as "genocide" made it clear as to how the army or Rwanda pursued the Hutus and moderate Tutsis throughout the entire DRC from 1996 to 1998 and systematically slaughted everyone. The mass graves are still there and they are awaiting the international forensic investigators for whenever the West will suspend the license to kill with impunity in DRC that it has given the trio Kagame-Museveni-Kabila for over 16 years now.

In the same UN Mapping Report mentioned above, the investigators pointed out that one of the Rwandan army young officers who led the campaign of slaughter is today's president of the DRC. Does this statement need to be translated in simple English? "Joseph Kabila" is that young officer. He is a Rwandan Tutsi who has been imposed on the Congolese through fraud and electoral hold up.

In fact, when Laurent Nkunda Batware (who led the Rwandan militia before Bosco Ntanganda, and who is wanted by ICC but is being shielded by both Joseph Kabila and Paul Kagame as they are shielding Ntanganda now) was asked on Radio Bwiza in 2008 as to how can he, a Rwandan native and general in Paul Kagame's army turn around and claim to be Congolese (the scheme cooked up by Kagame and Kabila where Rwandan soldiers and militias are given Congolese uniforms so that when they commit crimes in eastern DRC it can be blamed on Congolese troops and not on Rwanda), he answered by addressing the identity of his fellow Rwandan Tutsi "Joseph Kabila":

« Well ! If by Rwandan soldiers you mean all those who served in the Rwandan Patriotic Front, the RPF, and then in the Rwandan Patriotic Army, the RPA of General Paul Kagame, then the Congolese people have a very serious problem to solve, because their own president who was elected with more than 58 %, namely, Joseph Kabila, is not only a Tutsi as myself, but he is also a former RPF soldier as myself. Go figure! » (the Rwandan General Laurent Nkunda Batware, in an interview on Radio Bwiza, 2008).

Thus "Joseph Kabila" who is Rwandan Tutsi and not Congolese (except for the fact that his Tutsi mother, Marceline, became one of 13 concubines of Laurent Kabila after the latter got his Tutsi father, Kanambe, shot dead for treason) is the Trojan Horse, Kagame and Museveni's Ace in Kinshasa, who insures that the Congolese people never put together a force big enough to go to the East and kick out all the militias so that the Congolese people can have some peace.

However, the West and everyone else MUST understand that without "Joseph Kabila" insuring the continuous chaos and the ever metamorphosing Rwandan militias that cause havoc on the Congolese populations, Rwanda and Uganda WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO CONTROL THE RESOURCES OF THE CONGO. So, who is the fool and the stupid one?

Yes, "Joseph Kabila" is, as the Belgians have put it, a "Rwandan Subject" (un sujet rwandais). The atrocities, the rapes, the insecurity in eastern Congo will never end unless and until the West, the UN, and the NGOs interested in ending the Congo Holocaust (according to the Independent of London) can begin TO DEAL WITH the true identity of "Joseph Kabila" and the role that he has been playing for 16 years now in helping protect not only Rwandan and Ugandan occupation and exploitation of eastern Congo, but he has been, working together with Kagame and Museveni, making sure that the Rwandan and Ugandan leaders of these militias, Ntanganda, Nkunda, Mutebushi, ect. (except for those that are Congolese), are never arrested and sent to the ICC.

So when BBC News quotes Oxfam as saying that "there was a 'terrifying absence' of state authority and security in vast swathes of eastern DR Congo" as it warns of "catastrophic humanitarian crisis", everyone MUST not act the fool or the ignorant in not wanting to see that this lack of state authority is maintained in eastern Congo by "Joseph Kabila" on purpose. As a Rwandan agent representing Paul Kagame, the interests of Rwanda are served by maintaining this "terrifying absence of state authority and security". For without it Rwanda and Uganda will not be able to continue their occupation of eastern Congo. Only a big FOOL cannot see this.

And, by the way, when the US State Department declares that Rwanda controls 100% the economy of the Congo's Kivus, who is the fool who can believe that Paul Kagame will let a group of some Hutus who want to overthrow his government set camp in any part of Kivu?

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