Effective Recruitment Process and Its Importance in Modern Organizational Productivity

Author: Mukulika Manna


Human resources are the most powerful tool any business organization possesses. Now the question is how an organization recruits right kind of people for the job they are offering. Theoretically many options are available to the human resource department but when the time comes to use it most of the tools fail to attain its actual purpose. In most cases both internal and external sources offer ineffective result and organization suffers in terms of productivity. This article puts light on some of the relevant areas which need more attention on recruitment process.

Key Words: Recruitment, Productivity, and Modern Organizations


For any business organization employee is the backbone of business functioning. Today's extremely complex business environment if you do not have the right employee for the right kind of job failure is inevitable. It is the responsibility of the human resource department of an organization to recruit right kind o people for the right kind f job. The question is how to attract more and more number of right kinds of people for the organization?


It is the tool in the hands of human resource department of an organization to ask number of prospective employees to apply for a specific job. There are many ways through which they can go for recruitment namely, walk-in-interviews, newspaper advertisements, campus placement, private consultants, government employment exchanges, employee referrers, internal promotions etc. All the above mentioned ways or methods are having their merits and demerits. Next is selection process which is more difficult to identify the right candidate. Why I am calling this more difficult because many organizations use different parameters to judge the candidates. Since every measuring tool is having its own loopholes it is able to offer only absolute measures.


It is the ratio of output and input. Productivity of any organization and its respective departments largely depends on the manpower it possesses. The relationship between productivity and right kind of manpower is directly proportional. Productivity of any organization largely depends on several factors such as working environment, conditions of work, organizational culture, superior-subordinate relationship, power structure of the organization, values and ethics, shareholders and stake holders view point etc.

Modern organizations

Business organizations are facing new challenges and they need to upgrade themselves. For a rapid change management and up gradation organizations need smart and knowledgeable employees who can learn and adapt new things very fast. Most of the Indian business organizations experience resistance to change because of the rigid mentality of the employees and labor unions. This problem also seeks attention while recruiting.

Major shift in recruitment process and its implication in modern organizations

Many organizations are sending their representatives to the potential employees in the educational and training institutes. Business organizations are establishing contacts with the candidates seeking job. Company representatives work in cooperation with the placement cells in institutions. Different research suggests that higher the position to be filled up in the organization, or the skill sought by more sophisticated one more prominent advertising is used.

Practical scenario

Many of the organizations are forced to recruit below average candidates because of non availability of the right kind of persons who is job fit. On the other hand human Resource department is having very less time to prepare newly inducted employees to train properly. Immense market competition is of the main reason which is taking a tool on employee performance in long run.


Though it is the responsibility of the human resource department of any business organization to acquire right kind of talent for the organizational productivity it is not always a smooth task. Human resource should focus more on succession planning and internal promotion to retain talent.

About Author / Additional Info:
Miss. Mukulika Manna obtained her Master of Business Administration from West Bengal University of Technology with First Class. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. She has so far written several papers in Human Resources Management. Her area of interest is: Recruitment.