Jealous can really be considered as the destroyer of humanity in the sense that wherever such an activity is noticed in between the relationships,gaps between the persons use to consistently get wider and wider and wider.It is really one of the surprising and shocking activities being performed by most of the human beings.Such an activity of persons can be considered in the queue of failure activities due to the fact that the feeling of jealousy only arises if the person who has such feeling only wants himself to be in the first position in any of the activities even if he do not have at all capability to be in the last position also.The persons having a jealous mentality are actually suffered from mental diseases which must be cured during a particular time span otherwise such a mentality leads and lasts at the destination of mental disorders i.e. madness.It can also be considered as the feeling of inferiority complex since jealous persons does not have at all desire and willingness to learn something but only the desire to superimpose his rubbish activities without any knowledge and ultimately face the demoralizing comments.

The persons having such a down mentality can often be viewed in almost all the important places of development of the country.This is because the persons having such a jealous natures are spreaded worldwide and in almost all the sectors.This particular edge can be considered as the edge of development and competition.But,the feeling of competition cannot at all be compared with the feeling of jealousy.Both of the feelings are completely different from each other in the sense that one reflects the healthy nature while the other reflects the dirty nature.The feeling of competition in between the persons encourages the particular person to improve himself to get into the race and ultimately lead the race of development.This feeling has nothing drawback in it since it leads the life in the positive path of success.An example may be considered to differentiate the feeling of jealousy and competition in the sense that there is nothing to think if a 16 year old boy has a jealous mentality with the international cricket star named Sachin Tendulkar.It can simply be thought as the childish and rotten nature of the boy.But,if that particular boy expresses his mentality in front of his cricket coach that one day he wants himself in the place of Sachin Tendulkar then this mentality expresses his willingness to succeed in the path of international cricket and his healthy nature to follow the styles of Sachin to become a cricketer like him in a short span of time.

Last but not the least, I would like to conclude that the individuals inside the house makes the entire family, families of several houses are joined to make a society, societies are ultimately integrated to form a village,village integration leads to form a district,districts are combined to make a state and the states are ultimately combined to form a country.It is obvious that one rotten mango inside the container rottens the other mangoes of the container and hence it can easily be understood that if there will be the existence of such a virus of jealous mentality inside any of the members of the hierarchy from family members to the country administrators then the development processes will be badly affected either it is the development of individuals or the development of the states or the development of the country. It is my personal suggestion to the persons having a jealous mentality to immediately get rid off this dirty habit and try to utilize the time to improve and achieve whatever is possible as per the capability to get viewed and noticed in the queue of the persons having a healthy mentality.......


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