Almost 45 percent people in the world snore according to certain reports. There are many couples who sleep alone because their partners snore. There are also some couples who go as far as divorcing their partners because of the problem of snoring.

The problem of snoring is just not one that affects couples alone. It may affect people in all walks of life. For example, just imagine a beautiful girl who would be the perfect choice for many men except for the fact that she keeps snoring loudly!

We all have heard of the sleeping beauty who the prince kissed so lovingly. Can we imagine a princess who was snoring loudly being kissed by the prince!
This example may seem funny, but the fact that the consequences and the social problems created by the snoring are not so. Many people who snore may start having a disease called as sleep apnea, where they do not breathe for even up to about a minute which can be potentially life threatening.

Snoring can be a risk factor for diabetes too. The reason for this is that snoring decreases the volume of Oxygen that enters the body to produce catecholamines. This disorder may lead to diabetic signs and symptoms like insulin resistance. Before going into the solution for snoring, it is very important to identify the reason for the snoring so that it will be easier to identify the treatment for it.

What could be the possible reason for people to snore?

When one sleeps, air entry in the body occurs through the nose and then passes through the throat and lungs. This should occur silently and without any noise. For many people, there could be a decrease in the air entry and the flow of air is not normal. This could be due to the fact that there may be a block in the nose or the tongue may cause a difficulty in breathing.

The cause of the snoring is the tissues that are present in the throat and the upper part of the palate that actually vibrates. As the air goes to the lungs, problems may occur if there is a block. The pitch of the snore increases as the size of the passage decreases due to any block. As the sound volume increases, the difficulty for the air to enter may also increase.

So we again come to the question as to the methods of stopping snoring
Though there is no fool proof solution for this problem, one need not be discouraged because of this. There are several simple remedies that may work to reduce or stop the snoring.

The main focus on the reduction of the snoring should be on the lifestyle of the person. You should avoid factors that will increase snoring and increase lifestyle changes that will cure the snoring.

Decreasing obesity by reducing alcohol consumption and excessive eating will reduce snoring and these should be followed. Other methods are:

Reduced quantity in dinner
Balanced diet to reduce obesity
Regular exercise to burn calories
Avoiding exposure to allergies
Avoiding cold drafts while sleeping.

Regular and normal sleeping pattern where you sleep on your side will all help prevent snoring.

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