Modern life style in our society is contradictory to what used to be Indian tradition. It is a pity that our culture has taught us something else and we are practically doing something different. Instead of respecting, caring, and looking after our older generation we have to run for our occupational need when they most need us. It's an endless wait for our own parents to have some time with their own children and grand children in real sense in current competitive world. The senior citizen in current situation in a city particularly Guwahati (Assam - North Eastern India) is leading a very dormant and monotonous lifestyle compared to their preceding generation. Though the younger generation wish to spend time with their parents but the hectic lifestyle do not permit them to practically fulfill their dream. In present cut throat competitive world the most meager thing is TIME. So the senior citizen is almost bound to have a very repetitive and lonely lifestyle here in the City. The grandchildren/younger family members are all busy to run for their job/education/profession/occupation etc whereas the senior members of the family are only left with minimum variations in their life which results in melancholy normally. Taken into consideration all these 'Urban Lifestyle' anecdotes, it is now a demand of the society to have some old age home to brighten the life of our predecessors with activities and company at the twilight hours of their much experienced and enjoyed life. Though the concept of old age home may not be too acceptable in many of Indian conservative communities but then the future of modern lifestyle may not even leave the chance and time to recapitulate about the idea. There are some old age homes around our country but they may be enough with the growing demand with time.

Main objective should be to provide a nice way to the Senior Citizen to mingle with like minded people for an interesting life amidst some lighter activities. It is a known fact that, idle time and mind leads to some unnecessary worry and health/mental dilemma which can be avoided. The specific aim will be to make our predecessors feel wanted and cared for. It should be an attempt to create an alternate family and home where they can enjoy their twilight hours with lighter activities. The Senior Citizens are experienced with rich culture and tradition of our much cherished society. Though the new generation is advance in the techno savvy world but without the traditional socio cultural root a social growth can never be strong enough to weather the burden of the modern fast lifestyle. Life is dynamic. So to cope up with the never ending journey of life one has to have a strong traditional value to handle success for its sustainable effect. This is merely one example of the importance of our predecessors so that we can their expertise to create our future with stronger step. The concept of old age home is actually to exploit in true sense the experience of our past generation to build the future generation for a much balanced outcome in socio economic growth.

Any registered non-profitable organization/NGO/Trust/Society etc may go for opening and maintaining old age home for the senior citizen. Starting with yoga, lighter age appropriate gym facility(with instructor), indoor game facility(Card/chess/ludo etc), discussion session of various time relevant positive topic, visiting lecture sessions of various experts related to health/nutrition/food/religion etc, religious discussion, prayer session, meditation, hobby time etc may be included in the list of agendas to be covered. There may even be some interactive programme with selected other organization such as orphanage/school/children or youth oriented other organization where the residents of the old age home may be taken to share their experience/story telling session etc for mutual growth of the society. But the main factor to be highlighted is that, nobody should go for an old age home project for profit motive as this is a greater service towards our society and not to be taken as a business venture. A nominal fee may be taken for the maintenance of the center from the senior citizen but the other costs should be covered by alternative means. For example, donation, govt grants, member (organization) fee etc may be some of the other alternatives. There should be a strong medical support system for the center (old age home).

'Life is worth living whenever one wishes for'...should be the aphorism behind any initiative to set up an old age home. In any old age home, one should try to give the residents/boarder a way to re-live their dreams in their life. For instance, if some one in their life was dreaming to write/sing/act/paint etc in their life but for the burden of family/time constraint and occupation they could not fulfill their hobbies. So in the old age home they should be given the opportunity to revive their dream and lead a healthier and happier life ahead. With some systematic approach first it may be tried to gather familiar interest area so that it can be offered a common platform for better exploitation of the inherent/interested qualities of the residents/boarder. This may be an initiative to be explored for an inclusive and self sustainable growth of the concept of old age home to make the lives of our predecessor happier by the whole hearted involvement of the organization/NGO/Trust/Society members.

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