The health care in India is lagging behind many other countries. This does not mean that the health care is not good in India. It is only that health care is not accessible by all people in the country. There are many hospitals in the country and these provide very good quality health care to those who are able to pay for the treatment. There are very few good quality hospitals that cater to the poor people's health.

The quality of health care in corporate hospitals

Usually the quality of the health care in the various corporate hospitals in the country is very high with the number of people getting the treatment in these hospitals being less. Even those who get the treatment in these hospitals are those who have a large amount of money to pay for the various services. This cannot be possible for the people in the lower socio economic category. This is one of the major issues that is being faced by the people of the country.

The quality of health care in government hospitals:

The government has set up hospitals at various levels in the country, especially in the rural areas. There are many primary health centers and then the district hospitals. All the district hospitals have specialist physicians. These are the ones who are part of the government employment and are paid by the government to serve in the rural areas too. In spite of this, many of these people not only have the government job, but also own a private practice and most of the patients who come to the government hospital are made to come to their private hospital to get treatment at an exorbitant rate.

The balance:

The balance between the government and the corporate hospital is that there are many people in both the government and the private hospitals who are serving the people of the country by providing service in terms of working for the health of the poor people by proving health care at an affordable cost. They do want the government has been trying to do, but has been unable to achieve. If there is a decrease in the rate of corruption in the country, then there will be a decrease in the number of people who practice privately in spite of being employed by the government.

The future of health care in India

In spite of the various hurdles that the people who need urgent health care are facing, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Health care is becoming more affordable to the rural poor due to various health related schemes that are being introduced by the various governments. One of the best programs has been the star insurance schemes to the state government employees in the state of Tamil Nadu. Another scheme has been the health care scheme for all those below the poverty line in the state of Tamil Nadu. These schemes have helped many thousands of people within a few months of being started.

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