Agni 5 the recently launched Intercontinental Ballistic Missile is at a great applause . Definitely it deserves because it is the onset of the long cherished attempt of Indian missile mission to gain competency to China . It is a missile with a targeting range of 5000 km sufficient to keep Beijing on check and keep our neighbor i.e. China aware of our preparedness to deal with any deliberate military attack .

However , every coin has two faces . Similarly , here also a better beginning is worth only when ended beautifully . According to a global study on military expenditure , America accounts for 46.7% , China around 5.5% and India just merely 2.3% . By this study , we can relate that as an emerging economy , China is going to outscore U.S. in global military expenditure.

Can we really claim an edge or competency over China with reference to these statics ? . Unless we gain sufficiency of military weapons , arms , are we in position to celebrate ? Can just one ballistic missile be an answer for the security of an 100 crores population like ours . Certainly not . So , the point here is focus on the overall strengthening of the defense forces . Diverting the expenditure on Elections , Political rallies , Grand parties into the most crucial backbone of any economy " THE DEFENSE" . Self complacency , insufficiency of defense capabilities , inefficient and unprepared security systems have already caused great havoc to the nation from parliament attack in 2004 to recent attack in Mumbai in 2011 .

" Prepare for the best , tie knot for the worst " . This should be the target of our defense program. Our most sensational inspiration should be U.S.A's highly focused and integrated military operation bringing an end of World's synonym of for "terrorism" ' Bin Laden " . If a country with a population much lesser than ours can ensure such a great military competency why can't we . Hindrance is not our being developing economy which can't manage to be so combat , actual backtracking is lack of political support , lack of coordination between government and defense forces and lack of a will to stand for the national cause .

To emerge as a leader , we need to become beginners , not followers . Lets recognize the ground realities and work on empowerment of trio of Army ,Navy , Air Force so that no country can think of harming the security , peace , sovereignty of our nation .

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