A child who is in the age group of 2 to 7 is most vulnerable to some of the fatal accidents that can happen within the house itself. There are many children in this age group who have succumbed to their injuries that they got while playing. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child is not injured during play. There are various methods that you can use to make sure that your child is safe and sound at the end of the day.

Here are some of the important methods of preventing injury to your child during play.

1. No playing alone:

A parent or some adult should always be present in the vicinity when the child is playing. It should be remembered that if the child is abnormally quiet, then the child may be engrossed in a dangerous activity. Many kids play without any adult being near the place and even if the child is injured, due to lack of any sound; the parent may not notice that the child is injured. This is especially true when the child has become unconscious. If the child is not treated in the golden hour that is when the child has been injured, but before the first hour is over, then the child can usually be saved.

2. Falls / Sharp injuries:

There are many times when the child gets injured in major or minor falls. Minor falls are usually easily treated. This is possible because the child may fall on the ground while playing and fracture a bone in the upper or lower limb. When the child has a major fall, it means that the child has fallen a very deep and this is usually fatal. There are times when the child lives, but the brain may be damaged. Other than the falls, cut injuries are also common.

3. Other injuries:

There are many other kinds of injuries that can occur in the child and these include burns that are common when the child either topples a cooked food item or if the child plays with fire that is unattended. This is especially true when the child is living in a small house and the parents are working. The close proximity of the child to the fire can cause more chances of injury.

4. Poisons:

There are also many instances of kids drinking or eating things that have been stored in the house and so they may get poisoned. This too is usually fatal as the child will not be able to tell what it has consumed. Immediate care and attention is needed to make sure that the child's life can be saved.

Almost all the injuries that occur in children in the vulnerable age that has been mentioned can be prevented by proper parental care. If your children are your priority, then you should make sure that there is someone present with the child at all times to take care of the child inside and outside the house.

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