The reason why our India, that is famous for its 50-60 member joint families, has started moving toward the nuclear family system of 4-5 people lies in the mindset of people that pervades all consciousness. We once were known for the trust and loyalty that we had towards each other, despite the ethnic differences because of a common nationality, but all that is changing because of the mentality of people. We are starting to become close minded and the US-Russian secrecy is creeping into our relationships.

The reason why we are moving towards this trend, is because of constant pressure and stress the effect of which ultimately ends up not only hurting our families but also ourselves. A simple example of what this seven letter word can do to wreck your life is when in college or school, one of our friends constantly keeps cribbing about problems relating to her life and how she cannot seem to handle them, things are going out of hand..we can console them once, twice but everyday? All of us tend to get fed up and ultimately we end up telling them to sort their own issues. Why have we allowed this word to dominate our life. We can change our mindset and confront our issues, rather than telling the whole world about them and just confusing ourselves more. As a great thinker has said " You are your own mirror", what you say or do reflects your personality. A perpetually confused person who keeps asking others to make decisions for him/her, is generally called spineless by others. They cannot take a stand for themselves. Others who cannot clear the muddled thoughts in their own head, cannot really expect others to do it for them. "We are our own masters" and if we start taking opinions of the million 'learned' people, we will never find our place in life. We will be left with no individuality and will be emotionally dependent constantly on others. The second they leave us, we will not be able to face the void they leave us in.

A simple decision of tea or coffee was left to them and now that they are gone, we are left with the tough decision. Why do we want to leave our life's decision on others or trouble them with our issues. Everyone is responsible for one life and that's their own. A mother is responsible for the life of her child until he reaches a mature age where he is capable of making his own decisions. If everyone starts making issues a major hurdle of their life and letting others face it for them, they are never going to be strong enough and will develop a weak personality that screams 'help me!!' I am always confused and unable to face my problems." Work places will start becoming harassment for them and they will become an easy target to depression and other mental disorders. I would finally like to conclude by saying that if you can make the decision of whether you want tea or coffee, you can be rest assured that you can handle all the situations of life and sail through them with ease.

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