Today use of internet has become so vast that it is hard to determine, how much is too much internet use? Internet addiction among children has gone sky-high at an alarming rate. This addiction will make your children to have a permanent schedule in front of computer for an unhealthy amount of time. Nowadays parents are really worried about their children.

Whether their children are getting addicted to internet or not, is the burning question in every parent's mind. Studies have shown that, internet addiction among children hampers their school life, social and family life. So this phenomenon should not be taken lightly. There is no certain cause that would make a person addicted to internet, but there are several factors that have been proposed as contributing to internet addiction.

Dependency on internet

We have become dependent on internet entirely in our day to day life in past few years. We use internet for communication, shopping, socializing and so many so many other purposes. News headlines are updated by the minute, you can connect to hundreds of people around the world in social network sites, like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. But there is always a margin exist between healthy and unhealthy internet use. It is not easy to answer where exactly the margin exists as the usage varies from person to person. If it feels like your child is neglecting his real life, social relationships or other important things of his life or if your child is getting indifferent about hanging out with friends or going to play in the field and is spending too much time online then it is time to strike a new balance.

Emotional imbalance and inexperience of teenagers

Teenagers are especially vulnerable to this addiction than any grown up person and the consequences of this addiction are also more harmful. During puberty they experience so many new things, feelings and changes both physically and psychologically, which make them more tentative with anything and everything. Internet facilitates their experimental tendencies by offering the whole world before them. They may get addicted to online gaming, online chatting with anonymous people, to cyber sex, pornographic website and to so many other negative things.

Loneliness and social isolation

Another thing is loneliness that makes your child susceptible to internet addiction. Socially isolated kids, who do not have friends in school or in the neighborhood and have working parents who cannot give him sufficient time, are more at risk of getting addicted to the internet.

If you are a parent, keep an eye on your child's internet usage. Check the history of the browsers. They are not mature, so it is you who has to help them to get out of this addiction. It is just as important as or more important than other addictions (i.e. drug addiction). Discuss with them about the negative impacts of too much addiction online, try to spent some time with your children regularly, if not possible try to spent the weekend with them. Encourage them to get involved in other social activities like team sports, boy or girl scouts, after school club activities etc.

Since this addiction is relatively new, parents are not well aware of it till now. This addiction should be brought into focus in a more serious way before it is too late.

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