Prevention of alcohol addiction and rehabilitation of a person who has already become an addict are very important for the maintenance of good health of the individual and also to ensure that the family of the person is able to live happily. Any family where the person is addicted to alcohol, will have a lot of strife and there is even a risk of divorce because of the alcohol addiction.

Preventing alcohol consumption:

It is always better to prevent a person from becoming addicted than rehabilitating a person who is already addicted to the alcohol. Here are various methods that can be used to prevent the consumption of alcohol.

1. Self determination:

This is the most important method of preventing becoming an addict. Any person who is self motivated and wants to prevent being addicted will be the person who is able to avoid drinking. Unless a person has self determination, the consumption of alcohol will continue.

2. Family support:

A person who is drinking all the time, should have the family support to make sure that the person does not become an addict. The family should try to distract the individual who has a drinking problem and make the person to do some other useful activity that prevents the consumption of alcohol.

3. Friends:

Those who drink will make the person wanting to stop to continue drinking, so the availability of good friends who do not drink is very essential to prevent becoming addicted.

Rehabilitation of an addict:

An alcohol addict should never be in the presence of Alcohol. The desire to drink will always be there. So it's important to keep away from any surroundings where alcohol is present, at least until she is on a stable path of sobriety. Don't have alcohol present in your house and avoid bars or events with alcohol. To rid your life of further addiction, you need to be willing to submerge yourself into a team setting that will support you in your decision.

Other methods of getting rid of the addiction problem:

Fruits are a great deal of help in trying to get rid of alcohol addiction. Having a grape diet for a month can help you get rid of the alcohol craving. Apples also work greatly with alcohol addiction as it helps remove the toxins and reduces the craving. Dates are known to work wonders if you want to treat your alcohol addiction. In half glass of water mix four to five dates which have been rubbed together. Drink this kind of mixture every month and wait for the results.


A great antidote for the toxins present in alcohol is bitter gourd leaf juice. It helps the damaged liver by the consumption of alcohol. There are also various other medications where the individual can be prevented from liking the taste of alcohol. These antidotes are also part of the treatment or rehabilitation of those who are addicted to the alcohol consumption.

In spite of all the rehabilitation measures available, the individual should be determined not to drink and this will make them more sober.

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