Children may travel outside their home territory for studies or other purposes. Sometimes after completion of the purpose for which they traveled, they fail to come back to their parents either because they have got greener pastures where they traveled to or simply do not want to come back. They may leave their aged parents behind and surely, their way of life changes without their children.

Feeling of loneliness

Parents get used to their children being around, especially when they lived together from childhood till they are traveling abroad. Such parents may miss the children so much. They also begin to feel lonely, especially when there is nobody with them that may make them feel good. This feeling of loneliness can get so bad that, it can deteriorate the health of older parents and eventually lead to their early death.

Getting help

Children help out their parents with household chores and other errands in and around the house. If these children leave home to settle abroad, the parents are left to do everything for themselves. They can hire a helping hand to help them around but this may not be as good as their child doing it for them as these helps may not be conversant with the way things are done around. They parents will always be there to supervise them whereas with their own children, little supervision is needed. This puts a lot more work on the old parents, wearing them out faster than usual.


Parents are so bonded with their children that, they always sense when things are not going well for them. When children travel and settle abroad, parents may always have this feeling of uneasiness, thinking that things are not going on well with them. Parents may always be worried about their children and this can have health consequences for them. They can develop cardiovascular diseases or high blood pressure from worrying about their children.

Getting Comfort

With all human beings, there are times when bad things happen and in such times, we need people to comfort us. Children play the role of comforting their parents very well and so when they leave home to settle abroad, it becomes difficult for old parents to get that comfort. In times when a family member or a close associate dies, old parents will not get the warm comfort they need from their children. The best they can get is a phone call, but the physical presence is lacking. With this situation, it may take a lot more time for the parents to get over grief.

Physical Protection

Children usually provide physical protection for their older parents. They always ensure that nobody harms them in any way. When they leave home to settle abroad however, such protection is cut off. Parents are now left at the mercy of people. The other way around it may be to hire private security, if the means is there.

Children leave their older parents and go seeking greener pastures abroad, without considering the effects that will have on their parents. These parents are affected physically, emotionally and psychologically.

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