Shri Soumitra Dutta, a septuagenarian and a widower, residing in National Highway, is praying for death every second. The age is not the factor, neither is he diseased. The reason is his age. Yes, it may be shocking. His two sons and a daughter have almost thrown him out of their house. His son Shri Subir Dutta and Shri Shekhar Dutta are well-to-do businesspersons. His only daughter Smt. Smita Dutta (now Purkayastha) married to a software engineer at Bangalore seldom feels the necessity to ask about her father's condition.

Now they are planning to 'throw' their father at any ashram - at either Silchar or Guwahati. The Satsang Ashram at Guwahati supports many destitute and parents who have been thrown out of their respective houses. However, in lieu of this refuge, they are made to work daily. They have to wash utensils; clean up the lawn; do other works related to the offerings to the GOD. 65-year-old Bireshwar Kalita works at the Satsang Ashram, Silchar. On asked, he gave a vent to his feelings and said, "We work hard. Life has been so cruel towards me. My children drove me out of my own house. Let them be happy. My days are numbered. God bless them". He is from Guwahati. His only son, Shri Rameshwar Kalita asked him to leave their house at Ganeshguri, Guwahati. Old persons are simply neglected, rejected and harassed. The north-east region is not the only part of the country where the devil is playing, the whole world has been smitten by the bug of 'generation gap'.

It is quite painful and interesting to note that parents living in Silchar are shifted to some other place and vice versa. How pathetic and soul stirring! There are innumerable such stories revolving around us. Instead of shifting their place at the ripe age, let us give our parents the appropriate and the most suitable place - our hearts.

Thus our country does not need a hero, She needs sons, daughters who can look after their aging and ailing parents. Instead of admitting them to any care center, the parents should be allowed to reside with their wards. It is a matter of utmost shame and dishonor that parents have to live on the mercy of some strangers. It is the same parents who used to, starve for feeding their children; used to spend many a sleepless nights when their were sick. By committing such a heinous crime, the modern generation is not getting any blessing. I know blessing is an abstract concept, but God also is. If we can worship God, we must also worship our parents because they are our God in our home!

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