Definition of "Holocaust":
- The mass slaughter of people.
- Any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.

The millions of innocent Congolese who have been slaughtered by the invading armies of Rwanda and Uganda and their militias since 1996 fit the term "Holocaust".

In "Congo killing fields worse than Holocaust" (The New York Times, 2010), the Congo’s victims are compared to the Jewish Holocaust:

"It’s easy to wonder how world leaders, journalists, religious figures and ordinary citizens looked the other way while six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. And it’s even easier to assume that we’d do better.

"But so far the brutal war (it’s actually an invasion and occupation) in eastern Congo has not only lasted longer than the Holocaust but also appears to have claimed more lives. A peer-reviewed study put the Congo war’s death toll at 5.4 million as of April 2007 and rising at 45,000 a month. That would leave the total today, after a dozen years, at 6.9 million." (Nicholas D. Kristof, 2/6/2010).

Indeed, our world is not "doing better" today, it is looking "the other way" while millions of Congolese continue to die.

In "Congo’s Tragedy: The War the World forgot" (The Independent of London, 2006):

"The last time there was a holocaust in Congo (1887-1907, over 10 million killed), British and American people reacted with a great national revulsion... But today(‘s Congo holocaust), these four million (May 2006) people have died in the dark, unnoticed and unmourned. The generations living in the West today have said nothing while the country has been reduced to near-Leopoldian levels of desperation by the scramble for loot, conducted on our behalf and for our benefit." (Johann Hari, 5/5/2006)

And in "How we Fuel Africa’s Bloodiest War" (2008):

"The deadliest war since Adolf Hitler marched across Europe is starting again (October 2008) ... and you are almost certainly carrying a blood-soaked chunk of the slaughter in your pocket (cell phone, i-pod,...). When we glance at the holocaust in Congo, with 5.4 million dead, the cliches of Africa reporting tumble out: this is a ‘tribal conflict’ in ‘the Heart of Darkness’. It isn’t. The United Nations investigation found it was a war led by ‘armies of business’ to seize the metals that make our 21st-century society zing and bling. The war in Congo is a war about you." (Johann Hari,10/3/2008)


Since there is a Holocaust ongoing in the Congo, who is its Hitler?

The record is clear. The main culprit behind the Congo holocaust is Rwanda’s president-dictator Paul Kagame. He is the African Hitler.

NOW is the time to stop shielding Hitler Kagame, his Little Hitler Kabila/Kanambe of DRC, and his associate Museveni of Uganda, the perpetrators of this holocaust.

This shielding is exemplified by the outgoing US representative to the UN, Susan Rice, who has worked for the Clinton and the Obama administrations:

In "UN Ambassador questioned on U.S. role in Congo violence" (The New York Times, 12/9/2012, by Helene Cooper):

"... According to rights organizations and diplomats at the UN, Ms. Rice has been at the forefront of trying to shield the Rwandan government, and Mr. Kagame in particular, from international censure, even as several United Nations reports have laid the blame for the violence in Congo at Mr. Kagame’s door...

"Aides to Ms. Rice acknowledge that she is close to Mr. Kagame (whose) government was her client when she worked at Intellibridge, a strategic analysis firm in Washington..."

When the French UN representative, Gerard Araud, proposed shaming Kagame and imposing sanctions to pressure him, Ms. Rice callously responded:

"Listen Gerard, this is the D.R.C. If it weren’t the M23 doing this, it would be some other group."

"A few weeks later, Ms. Rice again stepped in to protect Mr. Kagame (by) delaying... the publication of a (UN) report denouncing Rwanda’s support for the M23 and opposing any direct references to Rwanda... (She) intervened to water down a (SC) resolution (passed on Nov. 20) that strongly condemned the M23 for widespread rape, summary executions and recruitment of child soldiers."

In "Suzan Rice and Africa’s Despots" (The New York Times, by Salem Salomon, 12/9/2012), it is reported that when she worked for the Clinton administration, she "tacitly approved of an invasion of the Democratic Republic of Congo that was orchestrated by Mr. Kagame of Rwanda and supported by Mr. Museveni of Uganda, ..." advocating the policy of Seeing No Evil: "The only thing we have to do is look the other way," she said.

But now Kagame is being exposed even by his former close Tutsi colleagues. Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa, former Kagame’s chief of Staff and ambassador to the U.S., has accused Kagame of triggering the 1994 Rwandan "genocide" (a fact that the ICTR uncovered but the Clinton Administration and the UN refused to publicize).

From Dr. Rudasingwa’s "Confession" (BBC, 10/4/2011):

"The truth must now be told. Paul Kagame, the overall commander of the Rwandese Patriotic Army,... was personally responsible for the shooting down of the plane (that was carrying Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana), which triggered the Rwandan genocide of 1994. ... Kagame’s legendary vindictiveness and unquenchable thirst for spilling the blood (is well known among Rwandans)... (Thus), the international community has, knowingly or unknowingly, become an accomplice in Kagame’s systematic and shameful game of deception."

Another former Kagame’s colleague, General Kayumba Nyamwasa, accused Hitler Kagame of killing three African presidents (Habyarimana of Rwanda, Ntariamira of Burundi, and Laurent Kabila of the DRC).

In 2003, Ambassador Herman J. Cohen unequivocally accused Kagame and Museveni as perpetrators of crimes in the Congo:

"The 1998 effort (the invasion which started this genocide) to capture Kinshasa was not done by a Congo rebel group. It was done purely by Ugandan and Rwandan regular troops. In fact, there is not any real Congo rebel group... I therefore get very perturbed by the persistence of news agency reports that ‘The Rwandans and Ugandans entered the war on the side of Congolese rebels.’ This is rubbish. They entered the war and created the rebels.

"Thanks also for calling attention to the vast damage and destruction of human lives caused by the Ugandan and Rwandan invasions and occupations and pillaging. Five times as many Congolese died as a result of these actions than died in the genocide in Rwanda..." (The Washington Post, 7/2/2003, answer to Lynne Duke’s article of 6/29/03: "Whispers of Genocide, and Again, Africa Suffers Alone".)

And from Edward S. Herman and David Patterson in "Peter Erlinder Jailed by one of the Major Genocidaires of our Era" (June 17, 2010):

"... A compelling case can be made that Kagame and his RPF were the major genocidaires in Rwanda, and in alliance with Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni dictatorship, with both under U.S. and U.K. protection, have extended and enlarged their genocidal operations to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo..."


To understand the relevancy of the above question, Compare the sizes of the DRC to Rwanda.

The Scheme: Emulating the Trojan Horse of Greek Tragedy, Hitler Kagame made head of DRC government one of his young intelligence officers who commanded a Rwandan unit during the 1996 invasion which slaughtered over 500,000 Hutu refugees (the Mapping Report of 2010). He is Hyppolite Kanambe masquerading as "Joseph Kabila", a Rwandan whose Tutsi mother became a concubine of polygamist Laurent Kabila.

Kagame’s Trojan Horse was tasked with assassinating his Congolese "adopted" father, Laurent Kabila.

Thus, Hitler Kagame’s Trojan Horse heading the Congo government guarantees him from being booted out of eastern Congo or even being denounced by name. Kabila/Kanambe is the major impediment to ending the Congo Holocaust.

Rwandan General Nkunda Batware, a wanted criminal who is protected by Kagame and Kabila/Kanambe, confirmed the Rwandan identity of "Joseph Kabila" after the Congolese attacked him for claiming to be Congolese just by wearing the Congolese army uniform (a Kagame’s scheme of "integrating" Rwandans into the Congolese army so their crimes are blamed on Congolese); Nkunda said:

"Well, if by Rwandan soldiers you mean those who ... served in the Rwandan Patriotic Army or RPA of General Paul Kagame, then the Congolese people have a very serious problem to resolve; because, their own president..., namely, Joseph Kabila, not only is he of Tutsi origins as myself, but he is also a former RPA soldier as myself..."

As the Belgian Ludo Martens reminded the world already in 2005:

"In Europe, in 1944, the major Nazi collaborators were sentenced and shot dead. In the Congo, the US (Clinton Administration) demanded that the invaders’ collaborators become (president,) vice-presidents and ministers...". (In Le Solidaire, 6/28/2005).

Hitler Kagame is praised by his defenders because, as Hillary Clinton said, "The kind of development that has taken place in Rwanda is really a model in many respects for the rest of the continent". However, this was the case with Hitler’s Germany, that the "development that took place in Nazi Germany was really a model in many respects for the rest of Europe", even while Hitler was slaughtering 6 million Jews and invading the rest of Europe.

The world MUST NOT continue to ignore the Congo HOLOCAUST for the sake of Rwandan "development"!

Obviously, these 3 criminals MUST NOT BE part of ending the Congo Holocaust!

America and the UN must include the REAL Congolese opposition of the Diaspora in working to end this Holocaust!

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