Hey friends today i am going to discuss a topic that is surely in your minds that is Reservation. First of all we should talk about reservation that what it is exactly??????

Is it useful or not??????????
Should it be in our society or not????????

So, Reservation is a special law in our constitution which was designed for the betterment of backward people who exist in our society. It was a great thought about them but it was designed only for a limited time. The main motive of reservation was to make them equal to other people. Reservation means to reserve some space in every field for some special people who are called backward because they don't have proper facilities like food , earning , education etc.
But now most of the people use this facility in a wrong way. They forgot the main reason due to which reservation was provided to them. This seems like a weapon to them by which they can be on priority in every field.

Reservation is divided in various categories:-
1.) On the basis of caste
2.) On the basis of gender

According to me reservation is not a fair deal. Firstly we will discuss about reservation on basis of caste. At the time of constitution making , condition of people of lower caste was not good in our society. They can not eat or even sit with any higher caste person. May be the reason was that they were not equal educated or their weak financial condition. It was thought that if they get some extra chances then they will be able to stand with other people. This is good but what will happen to other people who are not getting any kind of reservation. People of SC , ST are getting reservation in every field. Even , in some fields , seats are reserved for OBC candidates also but what about GEN category. This is not a necessity that every SC person is poor or every GEN person is capable. Due to the reservation some persons , who are talented but not eligible for any type of reservation , are not getting the fair opportunity.

Now , moving towards another type of reservation , that is on the basis of gender. As we know our society is a male dominating society. So some people thinks that there should be reservation for women. They give the reason that women are less capable than men so they should get some privilege. But this is not a clever argument. One side , they are talking about providing some privilege to women and another side , same people are talking about equality between men and women. If women are equal to men in every field like , they are doing same jobs then what is the point that they should get some special rights. If we want their betterment then we can provide good facilities of education or living but giving reservation is not a good idea i think. Because this will not give a fair chance to all.

So friends what do you think????? Is there any need of any kind of reservation????? Will it be fair or not???????????

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I am an enthuiastic author from India.